Best Weekend Getaway

Never underestimate the benefits of a Weekend Getaway. This weekend we went for a short, less-than-two-days trip to Nuremberg (Germany), and the way we managed the trip made us feel like it was absolutely perfect and a source of endless inspiration.

Since we will not be able to take long holidays this summer, I really wanted to get into the holiday mood, even if it would be just for a tiny little while. We usually spend weekends in the city, relaxing, working when needed and just getting things in order, so getting out of the city felt like the right thing to do.

The attitude probably played a major role, as we were ready to enjoy each and every moment – and we definitely did – but I also think that if you make the right decisions and chose what resonates with you, you will definitely have an inspiring getaway. Below I have a few tips that helped us enjoy the short trip:






1. Choose a beautiful hotel to stay at and a good location

While I do not have anything against budget travelling, I think it brings much more value if you are really able to enjoy the accommodation. It does not have to be a five star hotel necessarily, but pick a comfortable and beautiful hotel room or apartment that makes you feel good. If you are inspired by the place you are staying at, I can guarantee you will enjoy the trip much more. You might even feel like being productive and be in the mood for working a bit on that side project of yours or maybe just fitting in a good read. In the end, if you do what you love, it won’t feel like it’s work and it will make you feel much better. Picking the right location, be it a centric location or just in a neighbourhood that resonates with you, will set the mood for your trip and will make it even more enjoyable. You will probably have to spend some more cash if you do all of this, but it is a short trip and if you go back home inspired and with the batteries charged, it will be money well spent.


2. Don’t stress over sightseeing

Choose a couple of top attractions, museums or landmarks you really want to visit and don’t feel too guilty for skipping the rest. Instead, trade that extra sightseeing time for a nice long walk, a long delicious meal accompanied by a good conversation with your travel partner, or simply a good read that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time.


3. Enjoy the stay

Have a positive attitude, pick nice places for eating or for having a drink and that above all really resonate with you, and I can guarantee you will enjoy them much more. Guide yourself a little with travel sites reviews to make sure you are getting the most out of the options out there but stay true to what you like.




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