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I initially decided to start this blog under the name of “All Things Project Management” when I started my current job, which involved a fair share of project management and I saw this as an opportunity to speed up the learning process and getting a deeper dive into insights, sharing my experience, feeding my curiosity and distilling my thinking.​ After a few months of almost complete lack of writing from my side, I have decided to turn it into a career blog as this inspires me the most. There are many fashion and beauty blogs out there, but not many focused on career and especially not many where you can follow the story of a young aspiring career girl. I have always asked myself, whether other aspiring young women have the same doubts as I do, the same questions and similar experiences so this is my way of sharing those stories.


I will try to bring as much of a personal approach as possible and share what is it like to get started in a new job, what are my day to day struggles, achievements and in the end just share my experience. As a good career woman, I will of course also share stories related to lifestyle, fashion and beauty as in the end this is part of who I am and it is also what inspires me.


Leaving aside all the fashionable reasons for starting a career blog, above all, the ultimate reason for which I wanted to start sharing my thoughts is to really find my voice and bring my thinking forward on a variety of topics. I will be sharing how my ambitions, my aspirations and my daily job all come together and shape my thinking process.


Come along and follow me through the journey!

Thank you for reading!

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