Outfit inspiration for business casual office wear

I am still working on developing and refining both my personal and work style, and in 2017 I made quite some progress and also changed a lot compared to the previous years. I moved away from the sheer, flowery and colourful looks brands like Zara were spreading, and got closer to a simple, clean and crisp look which I came to completely love. Don’t get me wrong, I also loved the way I was dressing before, but living in Berlin and getting into a work environment, it did not feel right to stick to the style that I had developed back in Spain, where the weather and the culture allow for a completely different style.

Below is some inspiration for work outfits from my Pinterest board, because as Leandra Medine says, “When we look better, we feel better and therefore we are better”.

 I love this simple, straightforward outfit and it is my go to daily look (Riches for Rags). I pair a white shirt, black sweater and pants with low heeled shoes or boots.
Minimalistic look from Badlands is all you need to feel chic and professional at work.
Similar to the look above but all black everything.
 In case you can’t tell yet, I am a huge fan of pairing a white shirt, sweater and office pants.
 I am so in love with this total grey look.
I am not such a big fan of Leandre Medine but this look combines many of my favourite pieces in a very cool way. While the whole look looks like something I would only wear on the weekend, the upper part is definitely suitable for work – striped top, checkered blazer and neck scarf are all I can wish for.
I love this look from The Fashion Cuisine – it works very well in casual office environments as the white sneakers give it a very laid back look. I am all in when it comes to neck scarves.
A lovely corporate look from Olivia Jeanette during her times as Corporate Catwalk. She definitely has one of the best corporate styles out there.
 A bit of flower power never killed nobody. Mary Orton from Memorandum.
Mixing trendier pieces together with classics such as the white button down, masculine inspired loafers and checkered office pants.


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