Weekly Reads – January 13

In the Weekly Reads series I will share what has caught my eye during a given week, whether it has been an interesting business article, a good outfit or styling piece I spotted and anything else worthy of attention or that inspired me.


Self-awareness. If you’ve never taken a personality test, try this one – It’s a good way to kick start some introspection work and know yourself better. On the same topic, this article on self awareness from a leadership perspective from HBR is also a good read.

Business reads. If you are into business and want to know what were the most popular topics in the past year, check the top ten most popular McKinsey articles from 2017.


Get inspired. While I was looking for inspiration for making a “2017 Year In Review” infographic for my client, I came across these two cute infographics: if you need some graphic inspiration or just want to check How to throw a clutter cleanse party (MyNuface) or How to Know when you’ve found your soul mat make sure to check these infographics out.


New year, old me. For some good advice on how to start the year on a good note and getting your life in order read Twenty one actions to start the year right.


Let’s talk money. I always thought European versus US salaries were worlds apart, but it doe snot really seem to be the case + the Salary Project Database by Career Contessa. This information is so powerful.


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