Weekly Reads – January 21

I just came back from a weekend spent with my mom, back in Spain and for a short time I got to enjoy again the coffee, wine and the food bites for a couple of days. So being reminded of how important enjoying life and the little things is, here are my weekly picks.


Family time is important – as we grow older, we (should) understand our parents better and we understand that time is flying by and we need to make most out of it before it’s too late. Spending time with your family becomes more important as time goes by, so pick up the phone, talk to your mom and dad or book that weekend flight home.

Good coffee is never overrated –  to be more precise, the Spanish way of serving coffee – “cafe con leche” – is the best way that ever existed. Also, between me and you, the more to the north you go, the better the coffee.

Finding purpose in your work – one of the easiest ways of finding happiness in your day to day life is by being mindful when it comes to your work. Most people think that if you don’t work for a non profit or saving lives, it is pretty much impossible to find purpose in your work. This is pretty far from the truth and as this article from Harvard Business Review puts it, as long as you like what you do, you can find purpose by identifying who you are ultimately serving and helping with your work.  Also, thinking about what your job and salary allows you to do outside of work ( i.e. support your family, donating to a charity that you care about…) it is also a great way of being grateful for what you do and finding purpose in that.

Website design inspiration – if you need inspiration for your powerpoint presentations or your website, look no further. Get some serious inspo from the best design trends of 2017 and apply it to your decks. It will up your game, I promise you. And if that is not enough, you can also check this guide on how to pair fonts like a pro. Long story short, never be afraid of taking things to the next level.

What I watchedThe Greatest Showman. I took my mom to the cinema while I was home, and this movie looked like a good entertainment. Not necessarily my type, but it actually has a couple of pretty powerful life lessons, about how important is to treating (your) people well and with respect, and also being true to yourself and not trying to be something you are not and failing the ones around you in your quest of doing so. Long story short, stay true to yourself and to your values.

What I am reading10 Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions. Not such a fun read but still essential to my day to day work. As I am working with insights functions of the biggest companies around the world, it is a must for me to understand how the insights are being “produced”, how the process works, who are the key players and so on. This one is an easy read and pretty straightforward.

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