Weekly Reads – January 28

This week it’s been all about birthday cake, much-longed-but-none-done reflection on twenty five years of life (hopefully that will happen rather sooner than later) and enjoying three days in a row of brand new workwear. Sometimes, life seems fairly easy so below are my weekly picks.


Mindful twenties. You need to watch this TED Talk by Meg Jay on why how you set up your life in your twenties will define the next decades and pretty much the rest of your life. This is such a powerful yet underrated idea, but I strongly believe that I you are mindful about how you live and the decisions you make in your twenties, you have a much higher chance of having your life under your own control for the decades to come.

Gym bag inspo. We all know how hard is it to keep the motivation up for exercising and just hitting the gym, so here is some inspiration for your gym bag from Remi Ishizuka. The minimalist in you will thank me later.

Effortless chic. Courtesy of The Every Girl’s obsession with Meghan Markle, here is some inspiration on getting her effortlessly chic and/or dressed up outfits. I am checking them again and again in the hope that something will stick.

Consulting mindset. I have been binge reading quite a few of ConsultantMind’s articles today, and while this one did not necessarily stick out – pretty much every single piece that he puts up is gold – I just needed some consulting thoughtfulness in preparation for the work week ahead.

What I bought lately. Shopping in Spain is always better and zillion times more fun. It is a proven fact, after almost four years in Germany. I bought this flared sleeve blazer and this lace flowy blouse from Mango, and this short sleeve sweater from Zara. All on sale. Totally love them.

What I am currently researching. Masters that allow part time or remote studying. Yes, I am finally giving it a serious thought. I would love to continue my education but without having to give up my day job, so hopefully I will find something part time in Berlin. Wish me luck!

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