Weekly Reads – February 4

This week has marked the start of February, which means that 2018 is really rolling and it’s time to set and plan all the things that need to happen: doctors appointments, tax matters, document fixing… everything needs to be planned or get done asap (pretty much what I was saying I was going to do three weeks ago, courtesy of Twenty one actions to start the year right).



Life lessons. This podcast from Tim Ferris’s show on best investments, bad advice to avoid and other life lessons from experts across different fields and industries is a gold mine. A couple of things that caught my attention are 1) the information bias in the financial and investments industry – holding information above the bottom line will not necessary guarantee you are in a better position for investments, but will rather give you bias – and 2) the fact that there are no real endpoints in life – the end is never the end and the outcome is never the outcome.

I love cute prints and I cannot lie. Like these desktop, phone and calendar backgrounds from IvankaTrump.com. I must confess that I actually check the website on a monthly basis to always get the latest and cutest ones. #nerdalert

Job crafting. I came across this term in Angela Duckworth’s book “Grit” and the concept refers to the ability of people to redesign their work by altering different aspects of the job in ways that play to their strengths, motives, and passions. Based on this, you could alter 1) the tasks themselves (task crafting), 2) the people that they work with (relationship crafting), and 3) their mindset about their jobs (cognitive crafting). So, next time you feel miserable at your job, stop doing so and start drafting a plan to change things that are in our control to do so. After all, we spend most of our lives at our jobs so why spend that time in a miserable way. It is within our power to tailor our jobs to us such that we make the most out of them.

Burgundy love. This Tory Burch tote is a beauty and I have been on the look for a nice looking, structured enough tote for a while now. I am definitely adding it to my wish list.

Quote time. I really liked this one from an HBR article on Influence: “I have made it my mission to show up with confidence and to be my true self. I have found that influence and authenticity are inextricably linked. Only by being truly self-confident can we influence others to follow us.”. Amen to that. Let us keep this top of our minds.

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