Weekly Reads – February 11

Remember last week I was talking about how it’s time to get life matters in order, deal with paperwork, set appointments and all the administrative hassle that comes/accumulates with a new year? Well, this week I really lived up to my words and completed about 75% of that work in one day. Pretty impressive, I know. This means that except for that and all the accomplishments that Monday brought, it’s been such a smooth time that the other highlight of my week has been this pretty looking, pink cake I had on Thursday.



Ask a boss. Good managers are hard to find, we all know it. So, if you re on the unlucky side and you find yourself just not being able to get along with your manager read this piece by “Ask a Boss” to get some advice on how to deal with nine types of bad bosses.

Just do it and take the challenge. Pretty interesting article from Career Girl Daily on Five Things Successful Women Know as especially the first thing mentioned really talks to me: you will never feel fully prepared or that you are doing a perfect enough job, but you just need to take a leap of faith on yourself and trust you are ready for anything coming your way.

Put it into place. Fuelled by some serious day dreaming, here is the inspiration you need for getting your home organised. I am especially loving the kitchen layout.

Start working on that side project. Apparently, there are benefits to me writing this blog post right now, so I will just embrace that – Six Key Benefits of Running a Side Project – and enjoy it.

It’s all about AI. We are reading about it everywhere and it is also what Davos was all about. Here are the key digital trends and takeaways from the 2018 World Economic Forum, courtesy of McKinsey.

Writing history. SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch has been on everyone’s lips this week, and it has been the most watched live streamed video. In case you haven’t watched it yet, you can do so here.

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