Weekly Reads – February 18

This week has been crazy busy in terms of work, so thank God for Valentine’s Day, chocolate and sushi to help us survive throughout the week. So without further due, below are my picks for the week.


It’s all in the details. At least when it comes to desk decor. I love every single desk decor piece listed in this post from Style Salute. Out with the dull desks and in with the fab desks. Splurge a little on one or maybe two beautiful pieces – not only because keeping your desk stylish is a must but also because happiness is in the small details.

There is a pattern. Get up early.Because I have been trying to practice what I preach, I am trying to establish an early morning routine to try and get more done every day. And although I only have done it one or two days a week for the past three weeks, it is a start and I actually kind of like it. So yes, apparently all the successful people out there have a morning routine, and the one thing in common is definitely waking up early – so why wouldn’t I also give it a try?

If you can’t frame it, you can’t solve it. Got a client problem that you need to solve? Have a quick look at the snapshot of twenty frameworks that management consultants use in this post: Strategic Management in 20 Icons. Brought to you by the one and only Consultant’s Mind.

Level Up. Get your game on point when it comes to how you position yourself at work. The Every Girl breaks it down into three types of executive presence that put you on the fast track and is something you should definitely invest time into.

Keep pushing to make it to the top. Have a quick read to see what is The fastest path to the CEO job article from HBR because well, we all need to plan ahead and take career catapults to make sure we make it to the top.

For the love of coffee.If you want to know how to make cafe-quality coffee drinks right from your kitchen then you need to read this and learn how to do it for yourself. Because there is a whole world out there besides Starbucks and Nespresso.

What I’m reading. The McKinsey Mind. Because I do work in IT consulting and I am constantly trying to learn more and get better, this book is laying out the foundation of basics of consulting and problem solving. Definitely a must read no matter the industry you are working in.

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