My 5 Go-To Career Websites

Ever since I started working, I’ve been on the look for useful – yet hopefully beautifully designed – websites or blogs that offer real career advice and real career stories. Needless to say, I simply despise all these trashy websites built with the sole purpose of monetizing, and that just share articles like “5 tips to … “. While they are great for lost people, I start to realise it’s pretty hard to find real stories and valuable advice out there.

So, with this in mind, I do have a few websites that I visit regularly and I consider as good career websites – some I take as serious business literature and some as Sunday evening entertainment material.


This is one of the biggest and most valuable resource when it comes to in-depth, academic articles on topics like organizational culture, some specific industry topics, leadership and  career strategies among others. If you are not reading HBR articles regularly, it means you are doing something wrong.

Consultant’s Mind
This one is a gold mine. A real guy with lots of hands on experience, blogging about his work as a consultant for a Big Four company, sharing real stories and extremely valuable advice on how to deal with clients, consulting frameworks and strategies and so on. Not only that he shares super useful advice but he also writes in an appealing way, so it definitely has the full bundle!


The above mentioned websites are what I consider the heavy weights, the places with real life and work experience advice. Nonetheless, there are also a few more entertaining career websites that I love to browse through because they look pretty and pink, which makes them fall into the lightweight category.


Career Contessa
They are a dedicated career website for women and generally have good articles on everything career related, as well as some handbooks and worksheets that you can download; oh you can even book career coaching and mentorship on their site. While I think it’s a great site with plenty of material and advice, I don’t fully like it due to its tone of being a subject matter expert, while many of the articles they post are very mainstream and obvious. And I don’t always buy this. I do love The Salary Project they have, it is definitely worth taking a look, especially for US based people.

The Every Girl
While this one has a bit more entertaining content, it is super easy going and probably one of my favourites as it combines some career articles with lifestyle, beauty & co. And I have to say I love to read at least a couple – and three and four as well – of their beauty/fashion/lifestyle articles too. Their Career & Finance section is pretty good for more serious business as well. I like their tone the website because they don’t claim to be career experts so that gives it a nice good vibe in the end.

Career Girl Daily
I would say CGD is somewhere in between Career Contessa and The Every Girl, because they are a specialised career website but they tend to keep it more casual so you will often find tips and trick on how to nail an interview but also fashion tips, and the likes. With that in mind, I do generally enjoy some of their articles.


Except for Consultant’s mind, where you can really see that he speaks out of real experience and he shares real stories, I feel like some of the articles on the “specialised” career websites are just too mainstream. They all say the same, obvious things. I love to read about the real, raw experience when it comes to career advice and stories – a reason why I also started this blog – so I hope I will get to discover more blogs or websites.

As I am always on the hunt for good content,  I’d be extremely happy to get any recommendations you might have, so please comment down below and share your favourite career blogs/websites.


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