Weekly Reads – March 4

What a week – Europe was freezing and everyone around got sick but since work was very busy and hectic, the week pretty much flew by. The most noteworthy thing is probably the fact that The Career Edit is now as official as it gets. I finally got a domain and switched from Wix to WordPress, so this is serious business as of now!


Getting inspired. These are probably the most realistic and attaining before and after pictures of room makeovers. These are such good ideas and I love that they kept most of the original pieces.

Gotta love a good meme. These are so funny and relatable. All you need for a good portion of laughter.

50-20-30 is the 80/20 rule of personal finances. Sallie Krawcheck and Ellevest are everywhere. Literally. And since they are, the  50-20-30 rule for managing personal finances also got to my ears – though, only the theoretical part for now. Simple math, totally makes sense, need to apply it.

Always be watching. As time passes, and especially if you have changed jobs at least once or twice, you start realising that it is not only a one way street where you have to win over the interviewer and just want to land the job, but you also want to make sure it is the right fit for you in terms of culture, company maturity level and so on. So be alert right from the start and check these tips to identify bad employers. Better not waste those few months in a crappy place!

Effective leadership must be driven by emotional intelligence. In their new book, Primal Leadership, Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee argue the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and how leaders need to be aware of how their emotional cues are being taken by everyone  ” [CEOs] They also need to be guarded not to fall into the “CEO disease” pitfall, meaning the ignorance about how their mood and actions appear to others. This implies that primal leadership requires being in tune with those around the leaders and creating resonance within the entire team.”

What I need in my life right now. Ariana Huffington’s earring collection is simply amazing. Love every single piece in there.

What I watched. We were finally able to book tickets for Black Panther and got to watch it this weekend. Overall it is a pretty good and entertaining movie, but definitely not as good as everyone claims. The plot is a bit weak for my taste, but the actors, the setup and the music compensate for it. Qualifies as an enjoyable watch!


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