Weekly Reads – March 18

I was literally buried in work for the past two weeks – new client, no life is how I call it – and everything else fell second including my Weekly Reads post from last week. No sports, no yoga, pretty much nothing else that was not work – well, except for taking the bikes out on the spring teaser we had in Berlin last Sunday, with lots of sun and 17 degrees. It felt good while it lasted. Now we are back -2 degrees but nonetheless, I am beyond happy to have made it to this weekend, and what seems like a more normal work week ahead. So, without further due below are this week’s picks:


Get smart quickly. No matter what is the industry or field you re working in, you need to know how to learn things quickly. You might get on a new project, or your manager asks for a proposal that you know nothing about, you will need to be able to get smart quickly. Here is how consultants do industry research, so this should definitely help you next time you need it.

Own your narrative. Hard work by itself is not going to give you that promotion you deserve, so you better start working on how you position yourself and build that strong reputation. Topic touched on in this HBR article.

Keeping it together. I get it, when we are young and ambitious and we want to do a good job it’s sometimes hard to set boundaries between work and life. We might enjoy it but here are some tips to make sure you stay sane when your 9-to-5 job is actually 24/7.

Meal prep. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to start meal prepping, this is what you’ve been waiting for. All of these recipes look finger licking and they will give you all the inspiration you need. They are Whole 30 inspired and make for a great health kick.

Going to war. Skin care, the beauty industry and a feminist rhetoric are the protagonists of the article on skin care wars explained by Vox.

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