Weekly Reads – April 11

This week’s reads are heavily infused by beauty and skin care vibes. I just ordered a few of The Ordinary’s products and I am blown away by the great job that they are doing. And this has actually been a trigger for getting a deeper dive into skin care, which feels really good. As we all know, knowledge is power, and knowing a bit more about the products and the ingredients we put on our skin on a daily basis, is definitely a must for good skin care and peace of mind.



Obsessed. Very in line with this week’s topic, that is how I feel about “The Ordinary”. I heard about them a while back and I have been waiting to order their products for a long time, as I knew they were only available in the US and Canada, or through Sephora. Since Sephora works differently in Germany and in Berlin and they definitely don’t have the brand, I though I was forced to an eternal waiting. But, lucky me, while browsing beauty blogs over the Easter break, I found out they have a UK online store that ships to the rest of Europe. So I finally ordered four of their products, as recommended here. I am very impressed by the products already, and it looks like they are working but I will give them some more time and follow up with details soon. For those interested, here is also another full review of their 27 products, coming from Detailed Oriented Beauty.

Skin care. While researching Tho Ordinary products, I also discovered a couple of very good blogs about skin care. They post honest reviews and they definitely opened my eyes with regards to ingredients that should and should not be contained in my skin care products. I definitely recommend that you check some of their posts if you are not too familiar with the topic. Beautyeditor and Detailed Oriented Beauty are my two favourites so far.

Beauty Tips. We are not quite done with beauty yet, so here are 7 beauty tips from Parisian women. I don’t generally fall for this type of articles, but in this case I actually thought that they should be universal truths and definitely worth sharing.

Let’s talk money. I love real stories coming from real people, so be it career stories or money stories, I am in for the read. The Every Girl talks about How Real Couples Resolve Their Money Disagreements with a few real life situations so they are definitely a good read.

Meal prep. I am so bad at meal prepping that every time I come across easy and tasty recipes, I feel the urge to share them with the hope that I will get inspired and do it myself. With that in mind, here are seven quick veggie recipes that you – and also I – can cook right now.


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