Weekly Reads – May 5

This week has been quite a good one. And not only outside of work but also at work with some things finally falling into place – it’s what having a public holiday in the middle of the week does! And luckily, the next couple of weeks will be more of the same. Oh boy, May feels good! With family visiting, we have had a beautiful weekend packed with activities that I am definitely missing right now, as I am wiring this post in bed. Well, I guess there must always be a balance!



Multitasking is not always good. I am a person that generally appreciates multitasking; I like it when I see people around doing it as it gives me a sense of competence and having things together. However, I do know that multitasking is not always good and certainly not in all situations. When it comes to meetings,  multitasking is not okay. as it’s sending a message either to your team or to other colleagues that it’s okay not to pay attention. I know it for myself as I am sometimes guilty of it even and I am definitely trying to be self-conscious. But this can cost a lot in the future, and getting yourself and your team into bad habits is no good, so better keep an eye on that.

Keeping it straight and to the point. The moment you start working with people higher up in the organisations and even executives, you will realise that they play in a different league. And I don’t mean it in a bad way or that you should feel bad and inexperienced when working with them, but know that they grasp concepts, numbers and everything in a snap. Here are a few tips from The Muse  on how to communicate with executives. It might not be your usual conversation but better show up prepared.

Make your clients love you. If you are working with clients, I am pretty sure you would love to know one or two tips on how to improve your relationships with them and make sure they love you. Generally it requires a good dose of common sense, I would say but with things such as owning your mistakes in front of them you can definitely step up. I like the structured way that The Muse gives to it, and this should definitely be worth your read.

For the love of coffee. I must confess I have given up making coffee at home (might as well be a sign of protest for not getting a Nespresso coffee machine that apparently does not fit in our little kitchen) and my coffee intake is now limited to work and coffee shops – which I don’t necessarily complain about. However, I still dream of making the perfect coffee at home, so whenever I come across tips on  how to make coffee like a pro at home I just get overly excited and feel the need of sharing it. Because life is short and we all deserve to drink the best coffee, even at home.

Work outfits inspo for spring. In Berlin at least, we are enjoying a beautiful spring with summer like temperatures which definitely asks for a wardrobe change. Here are 15 beautiful staples that will give your spring work wardrobe a twist and make you enjoy these beautiful days even more.

Everyday makeup tutorial. I am not much into makeup videos and tutorials as I like to keep my make up simple, be it for work or going out: foundation, powder, blush, brows and mascara pretty much do the magic for me. Nonetheless, sometime I enjoy to watch and even two videos like this one from Lisa Eldridge. You can learn how to do an everyday make up without having to buy a thing and just using your regular products.

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