Weekly Reads – June 10

Welcome to the Weekly Reads, where I highlight articles that I found on the web and that are focused on career advice, lifestyle, beauty or anything I think would round up as useful for the young, modern working woman. So get yourself comfortable, pour a cup of coffee and enjoy this week’s reads!

Summer is officially here and I am so excited for the holidays ahead that I can’t wait. I am taking 10 days off at the end of June and so the count down has already started. Since I have not taken proper holidays in a couple of years, I am beyond excited for this time off, and a full week of sun bathing in the south of Spain.

It’s all about cute prints. I am quite hooked to IvankaTrump.com‘s monthly desktop downloads and I completely love having beautiful flower prints as both my laptop and phone screen saver. Make sure you check out the June edition, you can use them as desktop or phone wallpaper and they even have a calendar printout.

Desk essentials. Having a clean and organised desk is priceless. It can help you better focus at work and also enjoy your work day a bit more, especially in those longer work days. Career Girl Daily puts together the 10 items every organised desk needs to have so that you can easily put your desk in order.

Do you need to create a logo? Whether you are finally starting your own personal blog or you have some sort of side hustle you will most likely need a logo. And truth is, you don’t have to actually spend a fortune on that, and As Dreams for Breakfast says, the less you spend on the logo, the more you can invest in something else. Here is her advice on how to create a stylish logo on a budget, and also check out this amazing online logo creator I came across a few days back, called Tailor Brands. With it you can either create a beautiful logo in just a few minutes or at least get some inspiration to create your own yourself.

Be your own filer. I am one of the people that thinks receiving feedback is great, but that you should stay true to yourself when filtering that feedback and applying it to yourself. You have to think the whole situation through and consider the perspective of whoever is giving you feedback before you actually soak it in, without getting lost in any feedback and considering everything you are told. With that said, here are 11 women’s stories on the worst career advice they received, courtesy of MM La Fleur. And as a side note, I am completely in love with the brand and the world MM La Fleur is building, as they not only have beautiful work wear but also great career content.

Ask A Manager. Alison Green from Ask A Manager has been writing blog posts on how to manage people for over 10 years, and her blog is full of on advice, real stories from readers, and pretty much everything you would want and need to read to get a grasp on managing people and the real struggles out there.  Deathbed advice or the last five things that Alison would tell managers if she was about to die, is a great read to start with.


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