Weekly Reads – July 1st

I am back from my a-bit-over-a-week long holidays in Spain, and this means that the Weekly Reads are back as well. While I was hoping to post on the blog from the beach in Cadiz or from our beautiful apartment in Seville, I finally opted to put the blog on holiday mode as well and just focus on enjoying tasty tapas and endless hours of sun and salt. So, now that I am back, it’s time to get yourself comfortable, pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this week’s reads!



Home design. I just discovered the Houzz renovation series on Youtube and I am obsessed with them. One of my favourite videos is this one, from a couple that upgraded their garage as a living space and did a wonderful job both design and living experience wise. Upgrading the garage might not sound too glamorous but I assure it’s not only worth watching for the smart and beautiful design but also for listening to their inspiring story.

Just do it and dive into the change. Fresh out of college, many people pick a career or a job without thinking too much if this is what they want to do for their whole life or is what resonates with their passions and interests. And I am not saying this is a bad thing, it is certainly natural as it takes time, effort, experience and even failure to understand what you want to build a career in. But once you have picked a path and start having doubts, it’s good to know that changing the job, the industry where you work in or your whole career is something that you can do while not committing professional suicide. So here are some career change stories from people who have done it, so that you can see that it is not only possible to do it, but also to do it successfully.

Let it go. Delegation is such a sensitive matter, it is a crucial skill and yet so difficult to master. I, myself tend to struggle with this sometimes, but the moment you get more responsibilities and your team extends beyond yourself, you have to learn to let it go. I believe it is natural to feel like only you will do the job best at first, but it is extremely important for your own growth as well as for your team members’ growth – to overcome that quickly and keep practicing how to hand off assignments and manage that successfully. Among other, being patient, touching base as often as needed or not micromanaging are golden rules for successful delegation.

Build up. You might not be 35 yet, but you know it, there a few thing that you need to sort out when it comes to your professional life. Be it knowing your top strength or your biggest weakness, or even knowing how to delegate effectively, some things are better known and sorted so that your career can benefit from it and keep growing with you.

Blog of the week. I follow Jessica Sepel on Instagram and she always posts healthy recipes with beautiful pictures, but only now I actually checked her blog, JSHealth. Focused around having a healthy lifestyle, her blog is not only beautiful to look at thanks to the endless yummy recipes she posts but also inspiring in helping people live a healthy and balanced life. So definitely check it out!

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