Staying healthy and balanced

As time goes by I feel more and more the importance of leading a balanced life and having a healthy lifestyle & routine. While the aesthetic effects of having a healthy routine are undeniable, there is also the overall feeling of a good physical state which is unmatched. I personally crave the latter and feeling balanced, energetic and flexible such that I am ready to take on anything, so lately I am focusing on putting things in order. Now, truth is, most of the factors influencing a healthy lifestyle are common sense: planning and organising what I am eating, exercising regularly so that I ctan feel light, flexible and energetic enough to take on anything, taking time for relaxing and unwinding and so on. The harder part is sticking with all of that.

The reason for this post is of course the struggle of achieving that balance, which is often more challenging than anticipated. Truth to be told I am in a moment that career wise is demanding a lot from me, and I am often finding myself having 10-12 hour long work days that put a strain not only my physical health, but also on my mental health and on my attempts of getting back on track. Whenever I feel like I am getting somewhat closer to being back on track with exercising and hitting the gym, there is always an urgent work situation that requires my time and energy for one or two weeks, which pushes me back to square one in my journey.

So my approach is to take it slowly while staying accountable. I have incorporated short daily yoga sessions to keep me grounded as well task setting on Sundays to schedule meal prepping, gym days and the likes. And while this is a good start, I have also decided to start a new weekly series on the blog to help me stay motivated, where I will be sharing updates as well as some tips.

Before I finish, I also wanted to share some of the resources, videos or blogs that I use to find motivation and inspiration on staying healthy, as this is a quite effective way for me to keep me on track:

  • I love Valeria Lipovetsky’s videos on healthy living, quick healthy recipes or balancing a busy lifestyle. I find she is extremely natural in front of the camera and always stays honest, so her videos are.
  • BohoBeautiful’s yoga videos are my absolute favourite yoga videos. I love that there are so many of them that you can choose from 15 minute ones to more lengthy ones, depending on your level and the time you have. Squeezing in even a 10-15 minute stretch a day can work wonders on keeping your body in good shape but also on your mental health. Thanks to them I have incorporated yoga into my routine so I do videos at home pretty much daily. When I have more time I would do 2 – 3 videos, which can add up to one hour, or if I have had a crazy long day at work then I would just stick to a 15 minute video or routine to help me stretch the day out and keep my muscle tissue as in shape as possible.
  • I also love to follow inspiring instagram accounts related to fitness and healthy cooking. Here are a few fitness instagram accounts that you can check out. Other of my favourite instagram accounts are Katie Crewe for explosive exercise routines, JS Health for healthy eating and healthy lifestyle or Kelsey Wells for quick and effective gym routines.

Please also let me know what your experience with staying healthy has been and how do you stay motivated and consistent. I’d love to read that in the comments below.

Stay healthy, stay balanced!

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