Five podcasts to listen to during your morning commute

I have discovered podcasts and incorporated them I my daily/weekly routine about a year ago and I have, since,  been obsessed with them. First, it makes my commute feel productive (i.e. I am not wasting my time on Instagram) and also enjoyable to the point that I am looking forward to getting out the house, putting my AirPods on and hitting the play button for a new episode.  I especially love to listen to interviews and entrepreneur journeys because they make me feel inspired and ready for accomplishing goals right from the morning.

With that said, below are the five podcasts to listen to during your morning commute:

How I Built This with Guy Raz, by NPR – this one is my absolute favourite podcast. Guy interviews successful entrepreneurs and explores their journey to success by digging into their stories of both successes and struggles, in 30-45 minute long episodes. I love to listen to how many entrepreneurs started small and went through numerous struggles but they never gave up. that is why it is such an inspiring podcast for me.

The Tim Ferris Show – The one thing I especially like about Tim Ferris and his podcasts is his ability to interview people and dig into the real stuff. He generally interviews successful people as well and in comparison to Guy Raz, he rather digs into habits, motivations and life stories of his interviewees. He always nails it (unless the person in question really avoids answering and his efforts of digging deeper keep being avoided – for some cringe, please listen to his interview with Karlie Kloss) and gets a real and practical answer that the audience can actually apply later on.

Freakonomics radio – this is another great podcast that teaches you “the hidden side to everything”. While they focus on the socioeconomic side of things you can listen to episodes that walk you through the experiment of introducing a universal basic income to how the secret life of a CEO looks like.

With my top two podcasts being these two above, I guess I have a type. They are almost my guilty pleasure and I simply love listening to them as much as I can. However, sometimes when I am in the mood for listening to something different or learning new things that also help me in my work, I also listen to two other podcasts:

The McKinsey Podcast – McKinsey&Company’s official podcast is a great way to learn more about current business and management topics. They generally gave experts discussing and providing insights on different relevant topics, from technology to strategy.

HBR Ideacast – This is pretty much the audio version of their magazine/website. Always a great one to listen to for learning more about what is the current business thinking among the best of the business veterans and leaders.


What about you, are you listening to podcasts? If you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments, I’d love to add a new one to my list.

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