Fit Friday – September 21st

Welcome to the Fit Friday series where I am sharing my journey towards achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle as well as some tips. As I am becoming more health conscious and I am retaking my fitness and wellness journey, one step at a time, I want to keep myself accountable and committed so that is why I am doing the Fit Friday series, where I am sharing posts focused on health and balance.


This week I wanted to share a little update on what I have been up to in terms of staying healthy and balanced. This was the main purpose of the fit Friday series, along with

I have been quite consistent with working out for the past couple of weeks, and this helped me stay positive in general. Leaving work quite early on a coupe of days was what actually helped me to stay on track. It turns out that when you leave the office at 6 pm or before 6pm, your energy levels are still quite high so you will most likely be up for a gym session or any other after work activity.

The hack I use to stay on track even if I don’t have time for going to the gym is at home yoga sessions. I have mentioned this in my very first health post as well, but I think it’s so great that it needs to be mentioned again and again. There is this youtube channel from Boho Beautiful that has the best yoga videos, in the most beautiful locations. If I manage to squeeze in even a 15 minute stretching session, I definitely end up feeling better about my day.

I am also happy to announce that I have gotten a massage for the first time in my life – yes, I know, outrageous. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to try things out so I finally went for it. I have a pretty cool gym membership – which I actually don’t make the most out of – and the great thing about it is that I also have massages included. So, I am happy to announce that I have already been there twice and it’s definitely worth it. My back and neck were so grateful for it, especially after a full week of tension from staring at a screen.

The one last thing that I wanted to share is the one trick that I found helps me when it comes to staying healthy and in general taking better decisions. That is, to take decisions with the future me in mind. Thinking if the person I want to be would benefit from what I currently want to do is a big game changer. Suddenly, everything seems to be much simpler; and this can apply to making better eating decisions, exercising but also in work and career related scenarios.

What is your one trick to make better decisions and stay on track?

Thank you for stopping by and as always, stay healthy, stay balanced!


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