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Hi guys! Welcome to my first tech review. Truth is, I wouldn’t consider myself a very techie person but the few tech items I have, I totally love. Also, since my boyfriend loves everything tech and watches literally all the tech reviews out there, I can’t help but pretty much stay up to date with everything that’s happening. So, no wonder that shortly after the new AirPods became available he got himself a pair, and not much time passed until the bug of getting wireless earphones hit me too.

Now, before I start, let me just disclose it upfront: AirPods are the best thing ever! At the beginning of the year I wanted to get wireless earphones that I can use for the gym. At least that’s what I thought. Since that was my main purpose I thought I would need a more sporty pair of earphones and that the AirPods would not do. I read and watched a couple of online reviews and it turned out that the Powerbeats3 were one of the best options on the market. Said and done. I went and bought a pair of beautiful black and red Powerbeats3, instagrammed here. I tried them on for a few days but the ear hook and the cable did not really go with me; they turned out uncomfortable, even though the sound quality was actually great.


AirPods review-min



AirPods Review


Before I get into details, I have to say that the AirPods really gave me the full blown wireless experience that I have always dreamed of during years and years of dealing with entangled earphone cables. I know, it sounds dramatic but the AirPods are a truly, life changing purchase.

What I love –  Everything, I literally love everything about the AirPods. The moment I put them on I just felt they were one of the best tech purchases in my life. They are the wireless headphones by excellence. The absence of wire feels so liberating that I can’t even begin to describe it. Their design is heavily functional – but wait, don’t get confused, it’s also very sleek and pretty – which means that the experience you are getting from using these wireless earphones will be seamless and will pretty much be exactly what you thought it should be.

Now, to go a bit into details: they are great for exercising – you can run, jump, do weight training, TRX, pretty everything you want and they will never fall off. The battery life is pretty solid as well. They last for about 5 hours and the charging case is also a plus; it holds about 24 hours of additional charge – to be honest, I never ran out of battery when being out. You can always check the battery life from your iPhone and if in need make use of the 5 min fast charge which will give you a couple of hours of battery life.

You can use the AirPods in a business environment as well. Take quick client or team calls (they also connect to your MacBook) and always look good while doing so. If somebody calls you, you can immediately take them out of their case and just take the cal. They immediately connect without the need of repeated pairing via the Bluetooth menu). The speed and comfort with which you can take calls is irreplaceable. Surprisingly, I even reach out for them when at home. They are definitely better than the wired Apple EarPods, both in ease of use but also sound experience.

And to be honest, my final argument would be: they are just very comfortable. The AirPods were designed with comfort and ease of use in mind; and you can feel this from the very first use. They are comfortable to wear in your ears without giving your ears a hard time. They have the battery case which means you can recharge them at any time and they also have fast charge. I would totally recommend anyone to get them; they will really change your whole experience.

What I don’t really love – To be honest, the AirPods are not perfect; with all the competitors on the market, there are definitely some areas where Apple is being outperformed. One of them is the sound quality area; the bass is not nearly as powerful as in the Powerbeats3 and they also do not isolate external noise. Depending on how noisy your urban commute can get, this might be an issue. For me it’s not a big issue, except for when I listen to podcasts in the metro; some tunnels are just too noisy. Nonetheless, the combination of comfort, design, price and experience definitely make the AirPods the best wireless earphones on the market.

Who would I recommend them for – Everyone that wants to enjoy good earphones and a truly wireless experience. Just go buy them and enjoy the freedom!

What about Powerbeats3:

Even though this post is about the AirPods and how much I love them, I would also love to be fair to the Powerbeats3 and not dismiss the great product that they are; so below are a few quick impressions that I got while using them.

What I loved – The sound quality is pretty good and not only that, but the bass is quite strong. If you like to go hard in the gym and turn the music up, you will definitely enjoy these earphones; the audio experience was the best part about them. Compared to the AirPods, the noise cancellation was also better. So, for a noisy, urban commute they can be a good option.

What I did not really love – The cable was not such a big issue however, the ear hook made them a little bit uncomfortable; at least for my ears. After wearing them for an hour I could feel my ears “sore” from wearing them; the design was definitely not suitable for me. I also realised that if I wanted to use them for my work commutes, that might result in a slightly uncomfortable experience; if I was wearing a big scarf or I had styled my hair, the result would be a bit messy.

Who would I recommend them for – Gym enthusiasts that appreciate noise cancellation, strong bass and are not bothered by the ear hook and the somewhat “complicated” put on/take off procedure.



    1. I am glad to hear this is helpful! They are super comfortable for working out: be it running, doing cardio or just weights. I can definitely just recommend them for anyone who wants to get the true wireless experience. My own experience with the AirPods so far has been absolutely great, so I am just basing my recommendation on that!

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