Details to inpire your fall style

I am obsessed with fall fashion. I love – the illusion of – slightly chilly weather, red and orange hues dressing up the streets and the trees and the nostalgic feeling of a great year that is passing and the proximity of a new one; I am saying the “illusion of” because let’s be honest, here in Berlin it’s all the way cold, dark, rainy and gloomy.

What I look for in fall pieces is coziness, keeping me warm yet still having a sleek and sharp look. For some reason I am also more into masculine inspired pieces and cuts for fall outfits. Dark, cigarette shaped pants, crisp shirts combined with sweaters, I am all in for it. While I love the clean, slightly rough cuts, I cannot always go for it because of my body shape. This only means that I need to be careful of which pieces I choose and how I combine them – it does not keep me away from wearing what I want.

So, what I wanted to share today is some outfit details that are inspiring me this fall and hopefully they will inspire you as well to put a twist on your usual outfits. So, without further due, here is some inspiration from my fall Pinterest board.

1. Belted – A belt can help outline a beautiful silhouette and upgrade pretty much any outfit. You can even take this to the next level and belt your blazer or even your coat. Image found here.


2. Layered – Whatever layered means to you – shirt, sweater, coat, all at once – play with it and own it for the fall/winter season. It keeps you warm and when done right looks very chic.  Image found here.


3. The white shirt and the sweater – Do I even need to say anything? It’s a classic that can be modernized with the pieces you are wearing; either go for the classic shirt and polo sweater or for a bell sleeve shirt and a chunky sweater, all rules can be bent and broken here. image found here.

white shirt

4. The mens inspired shoes – I am one of the biggest fans of mens inspired/Oxford shoes. The sleeker and shinier they look, the better. Image found here.


5. The scarf  –  Let me start by saying that I love scarves. I wear them all the time, either on my neck or attacheff to my bags. There are a ton of different ways to style a scarf so whichever you choose, make sure to rock it. Image found here.


6. The skirt – Obviously the way the outfit below was styled is not fit for a day at the office, but the idea and the pieces are totally valid. A white button up and a chekered, plaid or even tweed skirt can make for a great outfit. Image found here.


Which one is your favourite?

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