Cohorted – October Beauty Box Review

Hi guys! As I have mentioned a few times in my Weekly Reads and my Instagram stories, I have signed up for a beauty box subscription from Cohorted and since it has been my first beauty box ever, I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you and do the Cohorted beauty box review.


While I am not necessarily crazy for trying new products randomly because I know not all products will be the best for my skin and I also don’t necessarily want to clutter my beauty cabinet just for the sake of doing so, lately I felt like I could use some fun and an element of surprise in my beauty life.

Easily said but not done. It turns out that in Europe there aren’t that many cool subscription boxes to choose from as in the US. I wanted good products, not just sample sizes but also full sizes and reputable brands, be them old or new. And this is how I came across Cohorted, who have positioned their box as a black, premium edition with a value over 150 British pounds, while paying about 45 a month – plus shipping internationally for a couple of pounds more.


Cohorted October-min


Overall I am quite happy with the beauty box and my experience. First, it comes in this beautiful black box pictured above, that just makes the whole thing much better. Second, you get quite a few products and most of them come in full size (!) and third, the brands are actually a very good selection that inlcude both all time, reputable names as well as newcomer, promising ones.

The one thing that I would dare to complain about though is the delivery time. They say it gets delivered between the 6th and the 15th of each month and I was quite disappointed when mine only arrived on the 30th. The first one could not be shipped to my home address for some reason, and then they sent a second one to my work address. I had some back and forth with their customer service and while I cannot blame them really, at the end they are just a new company trying to make it.

  • Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum – To be honest, when I saw this product advertised I was really excited to get it in the box. I have seen people raving about Sunday Riley products all over the internet, and then I also read this Reddit post from an ex-employee talking about fake reviews on Sephora. Mixed feelings and late for returns, I just accepted it. After all it retails at about 75-85 euros and the ingredients seem to be clean and cruelty free. I mean it’s a full-sized vitamin C serum that everyone is talkign about, how can I not be happy with that?
  • ILLAMASQUA Matte Lipstick in a red shade and full-sized – I mean, you can never have too many red lipsticks. I had never heard of or tried this brand before but after researching a bit I see it has quite some reputation. The lipstick definitely feels creamy and nice on the lips so it is a keeper.
  • Lancôme Renergie Multi-Lift sample – I haven’t tried this one yet but I am not too hyped about classic brand creams anymore because of their ingredient list. So, I will just keep it for travels or some desperate moment.
  • Sachajuan Hair in the sun & Hair after the sun conditioners – I cannot say the timing for these products is good, since winter is here, but I guess they have to empty their stocks. I haven’t tried these out yet but the products seem to have good reviews and pricing also seems justified. After all they are full sized products.
  • Figs & Rouge Hydra Matte Pore Correct – This is some sort of a primer that comes in full size. I have tried it a couple of times but I don’t have an opinion on it yet. From the ingredients list it does seem to have some mineral oil and silicone in it, so I am not sure I will be using this one much.
  • Lancôme Tonic Douceur in a small size and as a gift for subscribing –  This one has been a goodie. I don’t use a tonic in my beauty routine currently, so I definitely don’t mind trying out this one.

I have also ordered my Nobember box and am quite excited to see what will be in there! Let me know if you are subscribed to any beauty box. I am curious to discover something that I would truly love. I would probably prefer a box that combines beauty + healthy lifestyle + self care but I haven’t found that yet.


  1. This was a good review to read. When I lived in the US, I was subscribed to ipsy and birchbox. I used to love the thrill of receiving them in the mail. But I hardly ever used the products. They ended up creating clutter and waste. 🙁 I’ve been meaning to try a subscription box again. but want one that’d be veryy personalized to my skin and hair concerns. Excited to know what comes in your November box–may be I will take a lead from you! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading it, Komal! Truth is, I have already stopped the subscription beyond November, I don’t see myself putting all products to use despite all being very attractive and most of them reasonably formulated. But I completely agree, love the thrill of it and the unboxing! Will definitely follow up with a post for the November edition!

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