Weekly Reads – February 25

Welcome to the Weekly Reads, where I highlight articles that I found on the web and that are focused on career advice, lifestyle, beauty or anything I think would round-up as useful for the young, modern, working woman.

The Weekly Reads are perfect for your Monday morning commute or your first coffee break of the week. So get yourself comfortable, pour a cup of coffee – or tea – and enjoy this week’s reads!


What have I been up to this week

I have had a pretty crazy week at work, many early mornings as well as late nights and weekend work. Inevitably, I did not have much time to spend on grad school work nor on any type of self-care like doing yoga at home. I only managed to squeeze in a small assignment for grad school and an at-home yoga session on Thursday. This has made me think of balance and how wrong we are to think we can achieve it every single day; this only sets ourselves up for failure.


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Taking photographs of coffees is really becoming a skill and I am enjoying it so much. Also, this latte was perfect!

The Weekly Reads


Office romance. How to do office romance is such a sensitive topic. And truth is, I am not stranger to office romance as my boyfriend and I met at our previous jobs. I think there are a few common sense rules for keeping it professional and discrete at the office, but I think beyond that it should be nobody’s business.

Negative Feedback. Receiving positive feedback is always easy to handle, when it comes to negative feedback though, it’s not that easy, even when we’ve changed the name — it’s not negative, it’s constructive feedback.

Since feedback often uncovers our blind spots, it’s especially jarring because, in many cases, we thought we were doing a good job. So we don’t immediately or intuitively agree with the validity of it (we tend not to believe things we can’t see ourselves).

Meal Prepping. I love to eat the same thing on repeat pretty much forever. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I’ve eaten something – that I liked – too much. Currently I am eating egg & avocado toast every morning as well as for lunch and dinner whenever I am doing home office, and I love it. But I can understand you might want some variety so whenever I see simple and healthy recipes I am all in for having a look and getting inspired.

What would Chrissy do. We all love Chrissy Teigen, and The Every Girl has a great article on life lessons from her. She is a great example of being unapologetically herself no matter what others or the media would think or say and i am sure we can all learn one thing or two from it.

Week of outfits. I loved this week-long review of office outfits from Stephanie Trotta for The Every Girl. They’re the perfect casual office outfits and you can certainly use it to get some inspiration for your work looks.

Soft Skills. If you are planning to improve your soft skills this year as part of your goals, have a look at the 10 most read books on how to build soft sills. If you don’t, why don’t you pick up one book/skill and start working on getting better?


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a good start to the week!


  1. Another great selection of reads. I enjoyed 13 ways we justify, rationalize, or ignore negative feedback. I work in an organisation which puts a huge emphasis on giving and receiving feedback. When I joined and did my training, we spent a full morning on understanding our reactions to positive and ‘constructive’ feedback, but it’s hugely important to be reminded about it, so thank you for bringing this back to the forefront of my mind! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you – so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! It’s really great that your company focuses on feedback and proper training around it. Hope you’re having a beautiful week as well!

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