Three items for creating office appropriate outfits in spring

Hi Guys! As spring has made its way to Europe, I am super excited to start wearing lighter clothes, turn to jackets & blazers and accessorise outfits with colourful scarves.

So, given that I have been inspired by different pieces this spring, I thought I’d put together a quick list of items that I am wearing/wanting to wear and share that with you. So, while the items you will see below aren’t necessarily “on trend”, this is what I’m enjoying to wear this spring or just loving when seeing them on the streets or on friends.

Below are three items that will help you create chic outfits for business casual office environments this spring:


1. Trench Dresses

I am obsessed with trench coats this spring so a trench coat dress should come with no surprise. I love that for this style you can find both a more casual option as well as a more dressed up one that can work in an office environment like the trench coat dress from Karen Millen.


Screenshot 2019-04-23 at 16.20.38.png
Image from 8fridays Instagram. I am pretty sure this one is a coat but I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it as a dress.
kmillen trench dress 2
Image found here, dress is from Karen Millen.


2. Neck Scarves

I love to wear silk scarves during spring, summer and autumn – or whenever the weather allows for it. I am definitely obsessed with them and I either wear them on my neck or tied to my bag.

You can also use them as an accessory for your hair and I find it looks very stylish and even office appropriate. I mainly started loving (admiring, for the moment) the silk scarves as a hair accessory from seeing them on Isabella Lowengrip, Swedish business woman. I have been following her for a while and when a few months ago she co-founded Hermine Hold, a hair accessories company, I have to admit I’ve been admiring the style and the beauty of the brand created from afar.

Image found here
Image found here
Image found here, scarf from the beautiful brand Hermine Hold.

3. Sleeveless Jackets

I don’t own one and I am not 100% sure I can pull one off but I love the looks you can create with a sleeveless jacket. They have such a chic vibe and can dress up a more casual outfit. Not to mention they work for both office and off duty looks and are perfect for the in between seasons weather. Also, even though I believe they were “on trend” quite a few years ago, to me they are a classic piece and I love that they can help create a timeless look.


belted sleevless
Image found here
Image found here.


So tell me, what are you in the mood for wearing this spring?


  1. Loving these looks!! I’m with you on scarfs…I really like them in the warmer months, usually around my neck. Would love to try it in the hair though! And those trench dresses are gorgeous! I would love to find a good trench jacket too.

    1. Thank you! Yes, a good scarf can easily elevate a simple outfit. I also like the way they look as a hair accessory but have not dared to wear them like that yet. Also, probably my hair is still a bit too short for that.

      I’m with you on the trench coat. The one I have now, it’s made out of linen and from the H&M Conscious line, but I feel like I would also love to add a more “traditional” looking one to my warderobe as well.

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