Weekly Reads – April 29th

Welcome to the Weekly Reads, where I highlight articles that I found on the web and that are focused on career advice, lifestyle, beauty or anything I think would round-up as useful for the young, modern, working woman.

The Weekly Reads are perfect for your morning commute or your first coffee break of the day. So get yourself comfortable, pour a cup of coffee – or tea – and enjoy this week’s reads!

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I have witnessed the most beautiful sunsets.

What I have been up to this week

The holiday keeps going and we are approaching the last couple of days. On Wednesday we will be on our way back to Berlin and so, the Mondays blues are slowly kicking in – or better said the holiday blues. Below I am also sharing some of the pictures I have snapped in this visit. I loved visiting Ukraine – this is my second time here – and I am proud to share some beautiful pictures I took myself. I really feel how my efforts to improve my photography skills are paying off! You can also see more pictures in my Instagram highlights.

Also, before we dive into the read, another thought I had is that I have not been off social media during this break. I didn’t really think about it but as I read another blogger’s post it kind of hit me. I usually try to balance social media on an ongoing basis and try not to post all the time or every day. I am sort of happy with how I handle it but I still notice times when I get too anxious about posting something, finding the right description, etc… . Curious to learn more about how you handle it, do you always take a break off social media when you are on vacation?

Weekly Reads May 8
Lots of red tulips.
Weekly Reads April 29-min
We enjoyed a beautiful cable car ride.

The Weekly Reads


Self worth and career success are not the same thing. This must have been the article I have seen shared most on lots of media/blogs last week. Given the obsession we all have with success and career achievements, it’s a good reminder that we need to make room for multiple sources of meaning in our lives. “It’s okay to find some of your happiness in a job; it’s just not okay to wrap your whole entire sense of self-worth in your job.”

“Work-life balance is a sham. It’s all work all the time and all life all the time, but the point is you have to make room for life.” —Ann Shoket

What to do if you messed up at work.  We’ve probably all been there at some point in our professional lives; making mistakes is inevitable and the truth is they are the way to grow. Avoiding mistakes is not always possible so the next best thing is to learn how to cope with the self-inflicted stress and how to recover from that. Sharing a bit from my personal journey as well, I’ve always been the type of person that just gets and does things right, so making mistakes – especially mistakes visible to others – is always hard to handle mentally. The trick that works for me is to slow down, assess the situation, try to think of a solution or a positive outcome to the situation and really, repeatedly talk myself into staying calm and relaising that the world ro my career will not be over beacuse of this. Now tell me, how do you deal with mistakes at work and how do you recover from them?

Love for the simple. I love a simple outfit and Helena from Brookyn Blonde has nailed it. Last summer I pretty much lived in my white tees and I loved it so much, I plan to do the same this year. Also, if you are on the look for an affordable white tee, try H&M. They usually have cotton ones at very good prices and last summer I must have bought three or four tees so I could keep repeating.

Working out before work. I loved this piece on working out in the mornings. As a person who is currently struggling to keep a workout routine, I like to get inspired and motivated by other’s journeys. I am beyond happy to have found a workout class that works for me right now – 45 minute HIIT classes – and I am excited to get back at it once the holidays are over.

Spotted. Why didn’t I know about The Outnet yet? They have great designer pieces at good discounts. I am planning to use it for my future bag purcahses and for now I have eyed this Furla mini bag, the beautiful Tory Burch tote, and the Philip Lim bucket tote.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great & sunny week!


The city hall of Kharkov, Ukraine.
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More beautiful sunsets.
Spring treated us well, with lots of green and sunshine.


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