My go-to career resources for women

Career resources (for women) is the kind of content that I pretty much use the Internet for. I am kind of obsessed with following stories of successful working women and due to still being in my early career days, I feel like I want to soak up as much information and advice as possible – you know, I am sort of trying to make up for the experience with reading in an attempt to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Pretty naive, I know, but it’s one of my secret weapons to navigate this world of promotions and climbing the ladder.

Naturally, whenever I come across a new website with seemingly reasonable career advice or stories, I immediately jump on it. I tend to find it useless quickly afterwards but some of them actually stick with me. So, since it’s been a while since I have shared my favourite career websites, here is a round-up of the latest ones I am checking on the regular.


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1) The M Dash from clothing brand MM La Fleur is a pretty solid resource. I have mentioned MM La Fleur several times on this website and how much I love this brand. They are an US-based clothing brand for the professional woman and the way they have built their brand is purely brilliant and inspiring – they don’t only have good design and make beautiful clothes but they are also a thoughtful brand and have built it all around working women and lifting other women up. Naturally, their online magazine where they share career advice and stories & interviews of real, inspiring working women – the M Dash – is one of my go to sources and you often see their articles linked on the blog.


2) Quartz at Work  – I came across this website not too long ago but I have been devouring article after article since discovering it and I haven’t come across a single one that is not relevant or it’s pure chatter; the only caveat is that they have a limit of about ten monthly articles for free. I absolutely love their articles and they often include actionable advice and concrete examples which is what I always struggle with and therefore always find very helpful. Highly recommended website!


3) Career Contessa – I must admit I am not 100% on board with them – mainly because I am not too convinced about their website design, it’s too messy for my taste – but their articles and interviews are usually on point. They offer lots of career advice specifically tailored to women and even some templates as well as lots of interviews so you can always find useful articles on their website.


4) The Muse – This is another career website focused on women and helping them get ahead. I like it because it offers some practical and concrete advice, like this article on how to answer the question “How do you like to be managed?” or similar questions in a job interview. If you read through the article, you will see how they actually offer templates that you cab then use as a starting base and adapt to your needs.


5) Re:work – Probably I don’t have to tell you, but the fact that Google has a work blog where they are sharing tons of material and internal tools they use for effective management is pretty mind-blowing. They are focused on management so make sure to check out all of their tools – they have lots of good resources and tools such as templates for 1:1 meetings or career discussion spreadsheets as well as guides for new managers. Their stuff is priceless.


6) HBR – Harvard Business Review is the most solid website with career advice there is out there. It is not specifically tailored to women – which I think is actually great –  and it is a reputable publication that I am sure you are already checking out.


7) Women Who I came across this website not so long ago, upon a similar recommendation from another site and I was hooked for the first hour after discovering it. Often, all career related advice out there feels useless for the most part – if you know what I mean – but Women Who manages to get to the point and hits right on the necessary ideas. Also, Otegha Uwagba’s Instagram, the founder of Women Who is pretty cool and worth having a look at.


Do you have any website or blog that you resort to ? If you do, please share in the comments, I would love to add some more to my list.


  1. I know what you mean, especially about the “useless” reading. It consumes so much time without us realizing, no? One of the reasons why I prefer reading longer, meaty articles instead of listicles that have practically taken over all media.

    HBR and re:Work are my absolute favorites! I used to love Muse but lately it’s been hit and miss with some advice. Anyhow, thanks for putting this together and I hope you’re well! 🙂

    1. Oh yes, I absolutely agree. I think that is why I am always still on the hunt for more “tangible” content which most of these sites do not offer. That is why I love to follow blogs like yours where I can read bits of real stories and I know that everything you’ll post will make sense.

      I am doing really great, can’t complain about life so hope the same for you! ☺️

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