Three summer outfits for the office

As summer weather is already here, I am super excited for long evenings, bike rides in the park and lots of ice cream dates. The one thing I am not necessarily looking forward to is the crazy heat in the office. Berlin is not a city “equipped” to face hot summers, and so the public transportation and most offices are not the places where you want to be as there is usually not much air conditioning.

Luckily, in my office we usually dress for the day we have, plus there is AC to a certain degree – if you see what I did here! – and so except for when I have face to face client meetings I am pretty much free to wear what I want. I like to keep a simple, polished and professional look – while also having some fun with colours and prints sometimes (hello animal print!) – nonetheless sometimes I am buried in so much work I just want to get on with the day and wear a basic outfit. That is why I like to have a so-called “season uniform” that I can use as base so I can immediately assemble an outfit that looks good but also keeps me cool in summer months for example.


White Shirt & Long/Midi skirt

Ever since Queen Rania of Jordan wore the white button down with a long skirt, I have been in love with this look. You can wear it for both weekday chic and weekend glam and there is so much freedom in how you want the outfit to turn out – choose a sleeves shirt instead, switch with a more elegant blouse or even a t-shirt (usually my go-to option for hot days).

shirt and skirt
Mary from Memorandum.


Jeans and a white tee/button down

White tees and shirts are one of my go-to pieces in summer. Pairing that with another staple such as jeand – and there is so much flexibility in terms of cut, from relaxed fit to straight leg or skinny – simply makes for the best outfit no matter the occasion.


white button jeans.jpg
Image found here.

Casual White Suit

The casual white suit is a perfect option for warmer days. I love the mix of textures and different white shades in the outfit below. You can wear the blazer on top for colder mornings or evenings and stick with a short sleeve/sleevless white top for the rest of the day.

casual suit
Image found here


So, what are you wearing to the office this summer? Let me know your go-to outfits or pieces, I would love to draw some more inspiration for my own.

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