How I styled my home work desk

I wanted to write this post for a very looong time. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that quite a few months ago I have installed my own workspace at home. By now I am absolutely in love with it, but it took me quite a while to get there. For a long time I disregarded the need of having my own work space at home and chose the comfy bed option or my boyfriend’s desk. We live in a pretty spacious studio but at the end of the day I was not sure whether there was enough room for having two desks; a small space is always tricky.

Since in addition to my full time job I am also studying for my Master’s degree, I knew I will need to spend a lot of time at a desk at home, so I can attend my online classes as well as study. So we decided to replace the big desk we previously had (150 cm long) with two smaller ones (100 cm each) that ended up fiting perfectly in our flat. I can’t even begin to describe how satisfying is to plan and assemble your own work space.

But enough of this long, boring story and now let me tell you my essentials for a great workplace at home.


Home Work Desk-min
My work space at home.


The Essentials


The Desk – As already mentioned above, we went for two simple, white desks from Ikea. They have a very good size and can fit a screen, keyboard and some other accessories.

The Chair – We went for an Ikea basic desk chair with wheels (not pictured here). I would have wanted a fancier chair that looks better in pictures but they are generally not adjustable and for spending a long time sitting I wanted to go for a safer, comfier option. I accessorized mine with a beautiful dusty pink Ikea blanket that gives the perfect touch of coziness.

Computer – I have opted for a Macbook Pro with the touch bar in silver. I invested in this laptop a couple of years back and it’s my baby. I am probably overly attached to it and I love working from it whenever I get the chance, and especially doing work for the blog.

Accessories – Because I am trying to improve my photography skills, it was a must to have an instagrammable desk that I can test on. To be fair, I already feel very proud of a couple of my shots – like the one above. I used gold for most of the accessories; I got a golden tray and a golden envelope holder from H&M Home, a succulent plant from Ikea with a golden pot and a couple of candles.

Tech wise, I also have my Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse on the desk but I use them on and off as I am used to just the laptop keyboard and trackpad. I generally also keep my Rituals hand cream on my desk and very often you will also find a cup of coffee or tea next to my laptop.

Moral of the story? I can now say that getting my own desk was the best decision. When I need to focus on writing a paper or just take a home office day, it’s just so easy to get into the mood. Plus, having a cute setup definitely helps with easing into it; and whenever I am doing blog work at the desk, I just love it! I believe the work environment has a huge impact on our productivity, so having a desk turned into the perfect spot can inspire lots of great work!

Now tell me, do you have your own work space at home? What did you use to get inspired? I would love to hear more ideas so please let me know below!

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