Free Resume Template & My Top Tips

Coincidentally, in the last few months I had quite a number of friends reaching out to me and asking to review their resumes. With that, I realized that people still make quite a few mistakes when it comes to their CVs and it might be a good idea to share some tips. However, since the internet is filled with tips and tricks on how to write the perfect resume, what I wanted to do is share an easy to follow template that I created myself with some further guidance on how to fill it. I have shared this with my friends and even used it myself so hopefully you will find it of use as well. It is free to download of course, no subscription to my e-mails needed whatsoever.

What can you expect from this post is a CV that is easy to fill in, easy to read by recruiters and that helps you highlight the right information.


Free Resume Templates-min


Before you start filling the template, here are my top tips for having a good resume:

  • Use the right template that helps you higlight the right information – You can use my template below, make your own or download any other that you like from the internet. One thing to keep in mind though; structure it in a way that makes it easy to read (nobody wants to get lost in overly cluttered CVs) and highlight the most important information first – that is, work experience always comes first and not education; I kept seeing this mistake quite a lot.


  • Focus on the right results – highlight the right numbers and accomplishments that you have achieved throughout your career. If you improved processes, came up with new ones, developed growth plans for your clients and achieved crazy growth of your portfolio, all of that needs to be included. Make sure to calculate and include the actual numbers (growth, ROI, etc…). Showing results always speaks for itself. Lastly, also inlcude your non-number accomplishments, it’s fine if not everything is measurable.


  • Keep it personal – if you have a passion that you want to highlight such as an eye for design or even blogging, feel free to include that. You will show that you are interested in things and are willing to go the extra mile.


  • Adapt your CV to the different jobs you apply to – this is hugely important. Based on the position you will apply to you might want to adapt the descriptions. While for one position you will highlight the raw numbers of growth achieved, for another one you might want to speak about the creative project or the process related iniatives you undertook.


Resume template

The template below is what I have been using recently. Of course the placeholder information is fictitious but I added it in order to offer some guidance and examples on how you can structure your accomplishments.

Download the template here for free: The-Career-Edit_CV-Template

One more thing, make sure to save your CV in a PDF format to ensure that it looks the way it should once you submit it. Now that you are at it, you might also want to Clean Your Social Media + Refine Your Brand and update your LinkedIn Profile before applying to new jobs.


Let me know if you find this template useful or if you have any tips on improving it!


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