Weekly Reads – September 30th

This week has been a crazy work week. A major project had its peak point this Thursday so I ended up doing a 70 hour work week while also working on and submitting a couple of assignments for my Master’s degree. That was definitely not easy and I had to trade off my workouts during the week; luckily I was able to catch up with weekend workouts so it’s not all too bad.

Despite having a tough week, I certainly feel lucky with how the week went. First of all, all of the work paid off and the project was successful – which we even got to celebrate with some bubbly and cake on Friday. Second, I prepared as well as I could to make it through the week. That means,  I “meal prepped” all my breakfasts – homemade chocolate chia pudding is the best – and took my favourite oatmilk lattes from home; this definitely made for the best mornings. Plus, how lucky was I to have 50% off on Uber rides the whole week! On another note though, I am still waiting for the H&M plaid blazer I was talking about a couple of weeks back to be delivered and can’t wait to get my hands on it.


Weekly Reads Sep 30-min


The Weekly Reads


Putting out fires. Such a good article from The Muse on how to stop putting out fires at work and finally catch up with what you’ve got on your to do list, in time. It might be that you just need an earlier start to your work day – I often make it to work on time to attend my first meeting – especially if I want to workout before work – and then, because you lose the quiet time in the morning to get some of the things done, it just snowballs throughout the day and even the week.

Tidying up your work life. I love having a clean and organized space at work so this article on using the KonMari method at work is down my lane. And you can apply this to your digital files, review your work projects etc…

Best stretches for your shoulders. I struggle with tight shoulders and neck and this article that Helena from Brookly Blonde shared on her blog has the best stretches.

What to listen to. The Bad on Paper podcast founders, Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman talk about their career goals,working with friends, what it takes to run a podcast and much more. And if you want to try out a new podcast to listen to, theirs might be a good one if you are interested in books and all things life.

What I am watching. This weekend I’ve watched the first two parts of the new three-part Netflix documentary about Bill Gates, Inside Bill’s Brain. The documentary covers Bill’s life as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and the work they do trying to eliminate polio or bring sanitation to the developing world.


Thank you for reading and hope you are having a great week!

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