Weekly Reads – October 8th

Last week has been quite a good one. Even though there were no more Uber rides to/from work – except just a couple of them – we had the Thursday off in Germany to celebrate the German Unity Day and as you would imagine, having a day off in the middle of the week is quite pleasant. I ended up working on my Master’s studies assignments the whole day – I had to film a video presentation for which of course preparation, scripting and rehearsing was needed – and while it made me fell like I am missing out on life I had to remind myself that 1) I chose this path for a reason and 2) It’s soon coming to an end.

On the weekend I also picked up a couple of books for fall reading, Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. I did not get the chance to do much reading this past weekend due to being social and having to work on some – more – assignment for my Master’s degree but can’t wait to get to it hopefully next weekend.

One more thing, before the reads. An interesting thought/advice I heard on The Tim Ferris Show podcast I listened recently. If you are an entrepenuer or are thinking about being one, I think it might be useful:  “Great entreprenurship is about the unrecognized customer need. It goes beyond expectations or recoznized needs.” (#364: Chip Conley – Building Empires, Tackling Cancer, and Surfing the Liminal)


Weekly Reads Oct 8-min
Good books (hopefully) and good coffee.


The Weekly Reads


It’s simple, just make time. We all run on the “I have no time” excuse and this article from The muse breaks down the myth of “having to find time” to do what you’ve always wanted to do. I’ve experienced this first hand with exercising, if you simply run on autopilot you will never have enough time, that is why is extremely important to consciously make decisions to dedicate your time to whatever you need – excercising, meeting friends, reading, working on a side project etc… Things will not eventually fall into place and if you don’t prioritize for yourself no one will do it for you.

Leadership. The Every Girl shares how to identify your leadership style at work. Finding and refining your own leaderhip style will take time and this articel., even though it’s lengthier than usual, it’s very good and with some practical questions as well. Loved that they also included the notion of informal leadership at the end as often you don’t need to hold the title/position to actually be a leader in your team or work environment.

The art of office chit chat. You need to read this NY Times article on why it’s important to make small talk at the office. It’s a crucial topic for day to day – work – life and I love the smart and pracrical way in which the article was written.

“Small talk between colleagues and supervisors builds rapport, which in turn builds trust. Rapport is the feeling that allows you to extend a deadline, or overlook smaller mistakes, because it makes it easy for you to remember we’re only human.”

The power to change. Meghan Markle’s closing speech from her Africa tour is a good reminder that the power to change things lies in each of us. You can interpret it as you need, whether you are seeking an internal change or want to change the worls, it’s all within you. “In a world that that can seem so aggressive, confrontational, and dangerous, you should know that you have the power to change it.”

New blog discovery. I came across The Fashion Magpie a couple of weeks ago and I am marveled at what a beautiful space it is. It combines good fashion, beautiful & thoughtful words and career. I recommend starting with this post with a twist on career advice that will give you a glimpse into how beautifully she writes.


P.S. – I need to repeat myself on the plaid H&M blazer I ordered a couple of weeks ago. If you are on the look for one, please give it a try, I absolutely love it.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great week!


  1. Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet note and for including my post in this wonderful roundup. xoxo

    1. My pleasure! I can’t believe I only discovered your blog recently but I totally love it and it’s such a wonderful creation. Thank you for putting such great content out there!

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