Weekly Reads – October 15th

This week has been quite busy and felt extra long. I’ve carried the load of heavy work weeks for the past month and since it’s barely slowing down, all of the load is catching up with me. While I have achieved quite a few major milestones, I did have to give up most of my free time to work. I have only worked out 1-2 times a week during these busy times and of course I am feeling like I need things to get back to normal. I am excited to switch up my workout routine and incorporate a few yoga classes; the fall weather is giving me major yoga vibes and I am all in for it!

Also, I have been on the hunt for over the knee boots for a few weeks and I am so excited that I finally grabbed one pair in black suede this weekend. Can’t wait to pair them with midi skirts and dresses. What is the one piece you really want to add to your warderobe this autumn?


Weekly Reads Oct 15-min
Morning, Uber ride to work.


The Weekly Reads

Career talk or why you should have at least two careers (from HBR). I loved reading that as I quite agree with it. I myself often feel like when I am doing several things, I am overall more productive, have more energy and achieve more and it leaves me feeling better and more fufilled. For example, having my full time job, pursuing my Master’s Degree at the same time and having the blog they all help me do more; otherwise, I would just work my day job and that’s it.

When you follow your curiosities, you will bring passion to your new careers, which will leave you more fulfilled. And by doing more than one job, you may end up doing all of them better.

Office stress and how to deal with it. Career Contessa shares 9 ways how to deal with stress at work. From taking proper lunch breaks – I really need to do this – or using them for going on a walk – and need to do this as well – to simply leaving work at work. Very good reminders, worth reading every now and then.

Multitasking is bad. I am so guilty of multitasking. Often I catch myself doing a million things at once and switching from one to the other. The problem is that the switching eventually becomes draining and it just makes it harder to finish anything. So what I (sometimes) try to do is catch myself in those moemtn and even if it’s harder, just focus on sitting through one single thing at a time, like writing a single e-mail instead of 5 (true story). This Ted talk by Manoush Zomorodi breaks down how multitasking is damaging for your creativity & how boredom can lead to brilliant ideas.

How to dress for work when travelling. I love to read about successful women. The Cut shares how Janaye Ingram, Director of National Partnerships for Airbnb dresses for work when travelling, whether it’s for hosting a panel at the White House or flying to speak at a conference on the other side of the country. Also, take note of the shoes she is wearing, they are stunning!

Making space for creativity. If you are looking for making more space for creativity in your life – no matter what that looks like for you – have a look at this post on How to make time for creativity from Wit and Delight and learn how to show up for yourself to create, build and explore.

How to use Siri. We have both a Google Home Mini and a HomePod in our home so we love using personal assistants. Carly from Carly the Prepster shared how she uses Siri to help her manage her days and I thought it’s super useful to share. I love setting alarms, reminders and getting weather updates.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great week!

P.S. – I loved my outfit during the client workshop I hosted on Friday. Wide legged trousers have become such a power piece in my warderobe this year and combining that with the oversized checkered blazer felt like a winner combination.


Oct 15-min
Friday outfit.


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