Weekly Reads – October 22nd

This past week has been one of the most unproductive weeks I’ve ever had. A lot of the stress from the previous weeks catched up with me and I strained my neck and upper back muscles bad enough to keep me a couple of days out of the office game. However, this helped as a reminder to finally take care of my upper back/neck pain – which I’ve ignored for the past year. So if you have something you’ve been putting off/ignoring and you know you need to take care of it, this is your remider to do so!

I have also submitted the assignments for the last module of my studies during this past week and now I only have my Final Project to submit and the final presentation do to. I am very excited to be finishing in less than a month and have no additional worries for evenings and weekends. How exciting!


Weekly Reads Oct 22-min


The Weekly Reads

Office decor inspo. If you are in need of some office inspo, look no further. This home office is so well organized and pretty, it’s insane!

People pleasing. This is one of our worst “skills” we acquire during childhood. We are often conditioned to being perfect kids and please everyone around. If you are still battling people pleasing in your adult life, being aware of it is essential so that you can start fighting it. Whether it’s something you notice in your personal life or even professional life – always saying yes to client requests or new work projects just to avoid upsetting anyone around – learn to recognize it so you can pause and correct before doing it next time.

Dinners to warm up your soul. Based on how little I cook, I am surprised how much I enjoy to browse through recipes and share them on the blog. These one pot recipes from The Every Girl look delicious and are just perfect for the cold weather.

Time management skills. Career Contessa shares the 15 time management skills for everyone to master. Prioritizing is key, and while some people are natural at it, some other need to delibaretly practice it with lists, importance and so on until it becomes natural. Doing the hardest things first or setting internal deadlines are also simple but effective tools to managing your time effectively.

Managing people. Career Contessa shares how to achieve mindful management through being more present and thoughtful when communicating with your team.

If I’ve learned anything throughout my career, it’s that building technology products requires continuous improvement, and so does building a better self


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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