Weekly Reads – October 29th

Last week I have been working from home most of the time. My neck and back pain have been holding me at home. And there is no other more frustrating feeling than not being able to be productive when you want to be. That, paired with the long hours I had been doing previously, somehow mixed and took a toll on my motiviation. So while I am trying to focus on recovering I am also looking forward to be feeling more like myself soon. I am also finishing my Master’s degree in less than two weeks so I hope that will leave me with refreshed energy to pour into other areas.

Other than that, I have been surviving on daily double yoga sessions – thanks to Boho Beautiful and Yoga with Adriene for putting great yoga videos out there – my delicious coffee with oat milk and fresh croissants from the bakery across the street. It was not all that bad.

P.S. Grabbed a few sweaters from Uniqlo a couple of weekends ago. If you are on the hunt for sweaters, I can definitely recommend them. My favorite are the Merino wool sweaters. They are thin and work perfectly for the office, tucked into skirts or under blazers. Plus they hold up very very well – got mine a year ago and it still looks like new after countless wears in every season. My favourite is the crew neck one, which I got another one this year, in navy this time, and also extended to the turtleneck version.


Weekly Reads Oct 29-min
Beautiful Berlin views from the top of the Victory Column. Couldn’t wish for a better Saturday to get the best views & colours autumn has to offer.


The Weekly Reads


Interviewed. Absolutely loved this interview with Sallie Krawcheck, ex Wall Street executive and founder of Ellevest. I started following her when Ellevest first started to get media attention a couple of years back and I am loving her career story with lots of ups and downs, just how things are in real life. Plus here is her 5 minute master class in personal finances.

Powerful advice. The Fortune’s Most Powerful Women’s Summit last week closed out with Eva Longoria who left some great advice for women.

“If you’re in a leadership position, say yes. Be the first line on her resume. Say yes to someone with a different perspective. Say yes to someone with a different skin color. Say yes to someone who speaks a different language. That is your job: Say yes. And if you’re a woman who’s not in leadership position, say no. No to the door that closes in your face; no to the person who says you can’t do it. Say ‘no, I’m going to do it.’”

Ask a boss. Wanting to be good at your (new) job can make you quite nervous, and sometimes nervous enough to get in your own way. Maybe it’s you or maybe you just need to cut yourself some slack. Whatever it is, new jobs are exhausting no matter what.

How to build a good and resilient team. The Muse shares how to build resilient teams. Psychological safety is key to building collaborative teams that can drive businesses forward. Creating a trust level that makes everyone on the team as comfortable and as productive as they can be is certainly no easy task. It takes truly listening to other, encouraging people to share opinions and engage with them resepctfully and even just being silly sometimes and bonding over the vulnerability of playfulness; laughing together is an essential part of building great teams.

Reinvented. If there is one thing I like about Victoria Beckham is how she made a name for herself in fashion. The Cut brings out the stories of 25 famous women including Victoria Beckham, Michelle Obama or Awkwafina among others, on how and why they took the 180 degree career changes that brought them to where they are today.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great week!

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