Weekly Reads – December 6th

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Where did the time go? I only have one week of work left for this year which feels pretty hard to believe. Don’t get me wrong, I am so ready to head into the holidays but I am also overwhelemed by how quick time goes by.

I am burried in work but this time around, but the fact that I have been through quite a few challenging situations at work, the business and chaos are helping me become more of a “no bullshit” person and saying “no” more often. It’s interesting what it takes to consciously exercise that and I am certainly enjoying this stage and fighting my fights. It feels like such a a surreal experience, to see ourselves grow and exercise choices & voice out thoughts we did not use to feel comfortable doing in the past, so clearly. I would love to hear more on this below if you;ve experienced similar situations!

On a more positive note, I’ve spent this past weekend in beautiful Bordeaux, in the south of France, for a weekend getaway celebrating a friend’s “bachelorette”. It’s been a perfect occasion to disconnect and have lots of good wine & cheese.


Bordeaux 1-min
Bordeaux preparing for Christmas.


The Weekly Reads


First 90 days. As some of you head into a new job at the start of the year, here is an article from Career Contessa on how to survive & succeed in your first three months at a new job. I’ve also wrote a post a while ago which you can read here.

Best purchases. Head over to this Capitol Hill Style post and scroll to the comments section for the best purchases people have made this year. Pretty golden stuff.

How to be more competent at work. HBR shares the formula for being perceived as more competent; project more confidence in your abilities. It sounds a bit like a chicken/egg question, but in my opinion it’s also a matter of self awareness. Working on your skills and becoming good is the first part, but having the courage to own it and continue to grow into it is what makes it whole.

Getting inspired for greatness. Do you need some inspiration to finalize the year on a good note? Tim Ferris’ interview with Eric Schmidt is too good to miss. Eric shares so much wisdom from his journey andhis time as CEO at Google and also quite a bit of practical advice. Can’t reccommend highly enough!


Thank you for reading!

P.S. Below are a few more pictures from this weekend’s trip in France.


Bordeaux 3-min
Beautiful streets in the old town.
Bordeaux 2-min
Perfect wine tasting experience.
Bordeaux 5-min
And some cheese tasting.
Bordeaux 4-min
The main shopping street in the old town.
Bordeaux 7-min
Not even the rain can take the magic away.





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