Weekly Reads – January 6th

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone’s had a happy and healthy start into 2020 and you’re ready to get back into the work groove. I’ve recapped on my 2019 in a blog post, What I learned at work this year and I quite enjoyed taking the time to think about what I’ve learned and enjoyed doing in 2019.

The Fashion Magpie also wrote a beautiful “What did you learn in 2019” post that you should definitely read. Her way of writing is simply beyond anything I’ve read, so make sure you check her blog out.

Work wise I am heading into a rough few months because of the work volume but I am determined to stick to my guns and keep up with my workouts routine and indulge in as much self-care as needed in any shape or form it might take (meal prepping, healthy eating, having lots of coffee out, you name it).

Weekly Reads Jan 6-min


The Weekly Reads


Coffee on the go. I have been grabbing my coffee in the morning and using my Google bamboo cup. The problem is that it’s not a travelling cup and I always need to hold it in my hand so I thought I definitely need a leak proof mug that I can just throw into my bag in the mornings so I can sip on my delicious coffee at my desk. I ordered this Zojirushi travel cup that holds liquids hot/cold up to 6 hours and seems to have the best reviews out there. The downside? Delivery is done all the way from Japan so I won’t get to use it until the end of January probably.

Thoughts on apologizing at work. Not too long ago, I was talking with my team about apologizing at work and my philosophy around it. I am the type of person conscious of when I apologize – at least in a work environment. Whether I am a product of the numerous business articles I’ve read or a natural, at this point, I think I’ll never know it. But what I do know is that I don’t apologize in e-mails to my colleagues or clients unless the situation really requires it and I have really messed up – then, I like to own it and move on. How do you approach this? Do you struggle with over-apologizing? My friend Komal also shared a few tips on how to stop apologizing at work.

Working hard. I am a big fan of hard work in general, but I also think there are limits, and each of us is responsible to set those limits. It’s always a struggle, sometimes we do it better than others, but we should always seek to make better decisions for our future selves, whether that means getting enough sleep, prioritizing our relationships, working out and so on. If you are having trouble knowing whether you are pushing yourself too hard at work, then this article might hit home.

How she gets it done. Katrina lake, founder of Stich Fix talks changing career paths, crashing meetings and cold calling. “But I think the more shameless you can be, the thicker skin you have, the better. People are going to not write back and people are going to say no, but every now and then someone’s gonna be interested and say yes. And you wouldn’t have had that chance if you hadn’t gotten all the no’s first.” 

What I am currently reading. In my last trip I picked Educated by Tara Westover. I saw it recommended by Bill Gates in his annual list as well as by Conscious by Komal in one of her Instagram stories/post so I decided to grab it as an airport read during the holidays. I am only half way through so far but the unique story has captivated me.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful week!



  1. Thank you for linking to my career tips and taking up my reading recommendation! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear all about the reusable leakproof cup when you’ve it at the end of the month!

    1. Thank you for sharing great things! Educated was a really good read, and Tara’s internal conflict of choosing between her family and the “freedom” the education brought her is more and more relevant nowadays (to a certain extent), especially as people move around more and more and open up to new experiences. I am so happy I picked up the book!

      I am also very excited for the cup to arrive, it’s currently still in customs so I am (im)patiently waiting for the delivery! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet comment! I am so flattered. Thanks for reading along 🙂

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