Weekly Reads – January 13th

This week has been the first full week of work; and what a long one it’s been. Not particularly tough but definitely long. I did, however, have a week full of great work outfits (thanks to the planning I did – read more below), which made me feel like I am back in the game and ready to kick ass in 2020!

I am also doing Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Home Journey in January (I started it a couple of days late though) which helped with feeling like I am dedicating time to myself every single day. I have started January in full force with quite a few healthy habits, from meal prepping to doing yoga daily or planning my outfits and I am suprised how natural they feel and how easily I integrated them so far. It’s only the beginning so I am definitely looking forward to seeing what sticks!

So how about you, how was your first week back in the office?


Weekly Reads Jan 13-min


The Weekly Reads


The ins and outs of the awards economy and how that affects creativity. Chasing recognition does not always been a better product of our work or creativity, and this article breaks it down through the lens of Michelin star chefs and the pressure they face. “It’s no wonder that attempting to attain—or retain—a particular distinction can lead to a dip in both our mental health and our quality of work. In attaching our self-worth to the outcome of what is bound to be an arbitrary decision, we’re prone to driving ourselves a little crazy.”

How to clean out your closet when you’re ready to level up. This article from the M-Dash helps you get a new start by taking a “long, hard look into your closet”. I for one, definitely need it. I bought quite a few things last year and also in 2020 thanks to the sales, and while I don’t regret buying any of the pieces I bought – because I absolutely love them and also love wearing them –  I do need to declutter my warderobe from older pieces that I almost never wear. I am such a hoarder at heart and this is a tough step for me. So if you, same as me, like fresh starts, using the new year as a reason to reevaluate your style and your belogings is a great start!

Also, in an attempt of making sure I make the most of what I own and also free up my mornings from changing outfits a million times I also started using a spreadsheet where I plan my outfits for the week and month ahead. So far it’s working well so I am excited to share it on the blog once I use it for a couple more weeks.

What about becoming employee-obsessed? With the Away scandal still fresh in our minds, this article from Quartz at Work speaks so strongly to how companies should strive for becoming not only customer-obsessed but also employee-obsessed in order to fuel growth in a sustainable way for their employees because “What good are a company’s values if they don’t serve the very employees who are working so hard to keep customers happy?”.

Breakfast ideas. With the new year, settling back into an old routine feels so needed. I slacked with breakfasts for the last part of 2019 and with 2020 here, I went back to my egg & avocado toast for breakfast and I love it. I love starting the day with a good breakfast but if toast is not your thing The Every Girl also has more healthy breakfast options.

+ What books I am buying. I grabbed a couple of books to add to my reading list this week. Sapiens by Yuval Noah, which has been on my wishlist for a while and Normal People by Sally Rooney, which I simply picked at the store as it looked like a good, fun read.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great start into the work week!


    1. As you might imagine, the decluttering is still on my to do list…(see my mention of the “hoarder” term above), but I am happy you are already keeping me accountable with it. I will try to share it on the stories if I manage to find the right format for it as I am not sure the space in my studio and warderobe will allow for it.

      As for Sapiens, I am only 30 pages in but I am absolutely loving it! It’s the kind of read that keeps feeding that curiosity that you’ve been accumulating since you were a kid and you didn’t even know it was still around. Very easy to read as well and very enjoyable. Definitely reccomended!

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