Weekly Reads – January 20th

What a week! I’ve somehow had what felt like a looong work week, though it wasn’t extremely painful nor too stressful just a tad too unpredictable and unstructured. Nonetheless, I’ve survived it thanks to the 40% discounts on my Uber rides to work so I could work out in the mornings and make it to the office early enough to feel good about myself (to be read: not arriving after 10 am). I also meal prepped for the whole week (who would have thought I am capable of such an endeavour!) so I brought back that “structure” I was missing.

January is turning out to be a pretty great month so far so I am excited for this new week ahead. In part also because my birthday is coming up which is why I took Friday off so I can enjoy myself with some pre-birthday rest & fun.

What about you? How was last week for you or what are you excited about the week ahead?


Weekly reads Jan 20-min


The Weekly Reads


How to Stop Constantly Checking Your Phone. I for one pick up my phone countless times during the day and can’t say I am always aware of how that distracts me from my work. This article from HBR really shed some light on how destructive to our productvity is to have so many distractions and how much time it actually costs us (because anyways we end up putting all that lost time in).  “Just quickly checking” anything, even for one-tenth of a second, can add up to major productivity losses — it can take an average of 23 minutes to get back in the zone after task switching.” So, lesson is, check you social media in batches.

The Grooming Gap. I think by now it’s clear that the appearance standards put a greater burden on women than men and we’ve seen it more and more in the past few years. Cap Hill Style linked to this article on what “looking the part” costs women and I found it way too interesting not to share it.

Conscious leadership. A lot has been said on leadership and on the different styles there are. Conscious leadership in particular encourages you to bring your whole self to work and fuels trust and collaboration with lots of focus on self-awareness and feedback. Giving healthy feedback, creating a safe environment and leading by example are crucial to having a conscious leadership style.

Saying “Hello!” to coworkers. I sometimes fail at saying “Hello!” or “Good morning” to all the co-workers I encounter in the morning – I might be rushing to an early meeting, knowing that I need to deal with an early client situation or just tired myself – and most times I feel bad about it. So I fully subscribe to the “Let’s be gentle with one another before 10 a.m.” mantra from the NY Times Work Friend column. Let this be the reminder you also needed.

Strech it out. I am currently doing  Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Home Journey for the January month and I am enjoying discovering lots of new stretches. The endless hours I spend seated and in front of a computer or with my phone in hand definitely billed me. If you are just on the look for an easy stretch, here is one that you can try at home after a long day.

+ What am I “baking”. I love a good sweet treat and if I can make it healthy even better. This chocolate fudge  seems pretty easy to make and is also delicious.

+What am I listening to. Hillary Kerr’s podcast Second Life and the interview with Reese Witherspoon.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great start into the week!


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