Weekly Reads – January 27th

What a week and weekend! I had a lovely three day weekend to celebrate my birthday and squeezed it all in, from touristing Berlin from am to pm, to brunch with friends and an amazing birthday dinner – I enjoyed every single moment of it. I am already planning my next three day weekend because a mini holiday is too good.

Thought of the week. Before going into the weekly reads, I wanted to share one thought that always makes me feel more in control of my decisions and helps me make better choices. Every single day we get a clean slate for making better decisions and for showing up for ourselves. It’s such a liberating realization that puts the power in our hands every single morning. You don’t need to do it 100% of the times, it does not matter what you did yesterday or not even today. But if you always try to make your next decision better, you will end up with so much more and over time it will keep adding up to forming better habits and behaviours.


The Weekly Reads


How to ask for what you need. We’ve all heard it: if you want something – a raise, flexible work, time off – you need to ask for it. I am all too familiar with the dynamics behind it, you know you want it but it can get though to actually end up speaking up and asking for it out loud. I truly believe a lot of it is getting around the psychology of it and I am a big fan of using preparation to do that. Arming yourself with all the information and arguments possible will boost your confidence. Getting as prepared as possible and even having a script to guide your conversation will help you with not backing out of a painful conversation.

Brainstorming, the good and the bad. Brainstorming is seen as the saviour of modern meetings and creativity, but there is recent research that suggests quite a different view. While brainstorming might be useful for bringing ideas to life, the time to individually form thoughts is rather more precious and requires more introspection. “In the creative world we hear an awful lot about collaboration, but it seems that while working together is essential to bring an idea to life, it’s not that good for shaping ideas in the first place,”

The power of relational intelligence. This talk from Esther Perel on relationship dynamics and how they play at work is a must-watch. She brings whole new perspectives and especially dives into how relational intelligence can guide people towards well-being and success.

A tale of failed project management. You might or might have not heard of the Berlin Brandenburg airport. As a Berlin resident, the story of the airport has become part of the local folclore.  If you’ve not heard of it, it’s a great read to see how you can mismanage a project at any scale. And well, if you’ve ever thought you delivered late on your work project, well, think again.

What to wear for an interview. Black and grey interview suits are luckily not the norm anymore. The M-Dash suggests a few options and the navy plaid top & pants look that resembles a beautiful, work chic jumpsuit embodies the modern, interview look that makes you feel elegant, powerful, and chic

20 ways to feel better in 2020. Healthyish shared 20 ways to better your 2020, from upgrading your breakfast sandwich to finding your chill, there a lot of little things that will just make your days better, because a lot of the joy lies in the little things.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great Monday!

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