Business casual office outfits for winter

I almost feel like I have a tradition, posting a few office outfits ideas that inspire me for the current season. I skipped fall but truth is, there was not much of a fall season in Berlin so I could say I had to transition directly to winter temperatures. Since winter is not quite done yet, I think this post is timely in bringing some inspiration for business casual office outfits for winter.

Truth is, I am a creature of habit and like to have my uniforms lined up for every season. In summer it’s white t-shirts and midi skirts, in fall it’s light blazers and coats thrown on top, well, in winter it’s sweaters and over the knee boots.

You can also visit my Winter Office Style board on Pinterest for more ideas.



Sweater + Midi skirt

This has been my favourite outfit combination for cold winter days at the office. It actually reminds me of an outfit my mom wore in some family pictures when I was about 4. She wore a beautiful pencil skirt and a sweater and I am absolutely in love with it and the vibe it transmits. I am not much into pencil skirts right now and prefer flowier ones but the overall effect is something I still love.

Source: Pinterest


Midi skirt + Over the knee boots

Buying over the knee boots this fall/winter season has been one of the best purchases. They’ve been fuelling about half of my outfits and I wear them with everything from midi skirts to dresses. On the top you can wear anything, from a dressier blouse to a cosy sweater and you will easily look pulled together and chic. It’s a winning combination for me for sure!


Source: Zara


Midi/Long shirt dresses

Zara came out with a few beautiful shirt dresses lately and I have been in love with them. I love a good print and the easiness of getting dressed up with one piece all while looking pulled together and chic is something that I cannot resist. I usually pair them with my over the knee boots or regular booties if the dress is long enough and call it a day. I am telling you, shirt dresses have been a saviour for making polished outfits in the snap of a finger. Depending on your office vibe you can go for a bolder print if it’s a casual environment or tone it down if the dress code is stricter.


Source: InStyle


Shirt + turtleneck 

I have started wearing this combo this winter and I love it. I have discovered Uniqlo’s shirts towards the end of last year and I love how they have the perfect balance between a traditional button-down and a blouse so I grabbed one in white and one in black. I pair them with my thin turtleneck sweater also from Uniqlo and I love the look.


turtleneck and shirt
Source: Instagram


Black on black & a touch of fun

Boots, trousers, sweater, shirt and you can even add a black turtleneck underneath. It all works. I love the simplicity of an all-black outfit and it always works well. You can add a fun jacket or blazer on top for a more fun touch but keeping it all black is no crime.


Source:  Mobeltrends



What about you? Do you have any go-to outfits that you usually resort to in winter? Share your favourit outfit combos in the comments section.



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