Weekly Reads – February 17th

Welcome to the mid-February Weekly Reads, because time is flying! 12% of the year has already passed and I am not sure I can say where the first month and a half of the year went. Nonetheless, February is treating me kind of well so I cannot complain much.

This weekend I picked up my blue light blocking glasses and I am quite excited to start wearing them at the office. If you are in Berlin, I highly recommend Yun Berlin glasses. Pricing is very good and you also get a check done – turned out I needed some tiny prescription in as well.

Also, we celebrated Valentines Day with a HIIT workout last Friday evening and what a blast we had. The workout was amazing and fun, the coaches as well and we had healthy snacks at the end of it. What more can I ask for, the perfect date night. If you have beat 81 in your city, I highly recommend checking them out for HIIT workouts.


Weekly Reads Feb 17-min


The Weekly Reads


Best paying jobs of 2020. I love to peak into other people’s salaries, that’s why I love Refinery 29’s salary stories and also Career Contessa’s Salary Project. Most of them are referring to the US, but some of them are also applicable to Europe (like Refinery 29’s). Career Contessa released the best paying jobs of 2020 and I highly recommend having a look. Knowledge is power and salary knowledge even more.

Speaking of which, I loved this Refinery29 salary story of a Director of Premium Experiences and how it took her 10 years to find a job she loved – then she got laid off.

Getting feedback. I read this article on Cap Hill Style’s Workday Reading and it served as a good reminder on the value of good feedback. I sometimes crave for “good” feedback and it’s often tough to get. Being recognized as a high performer in my job comes with the downside of receiving “shallow” feedback. Doing a good job is one thing but being able to provide constructive feedback is a whole different thing.

Establishing healthy boundaries at work. An insanely good and very relevant article from Career Contessa on how to set limits at work. I think each of us has the responsibility to set healthy boundaries and it’s often part of the learning curve. At the very start of our careers or when in new jobs we will not care that much about it but as time passes it quickly gains relevance. Lesson here? Know your worth, values and priorities and make them clear to everyone.

“Setting boundaries from the start allow you to navigate your workplace, avoid potential toxic environments, and create a clear path for you to do your best work without being taken advantage of or burning out. “

Professional ghosting. It can happen to the best of us. After you put all the work in scanning Linkedin, perfecting your resume and cover letter, going through rounds and rounds of first interviews to then get stood up for the last round is far from desirable but professional ghosting can sometimes happen.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great week!


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