Weekly Reads – February 26th

Last week has been pretty good in terms of work. The highlight of the week is definitely a successful meeting I had with a client and one of their VPs – this being one of the biggest organizations in the world – where the presentation I did was on point. Funnily enough, it was focused on an area where I don’t particularly feel that I shine and that definitely boosted my morale for the whole weekend.

Other than that I am focusing on my exercise routine – loving my evening HIIT workouts this time around – rebuilding healthy eating habits – I am obsessed with edamame pasta at the moment – and just enjoying the city in urban adventures over the weekends.


Weekly Reads Feb 26-min


The Weekly Reads


Life is not a pie. And more career advice from The Every Girl. Whether it’s about supporting others and lifting them up or enabling yourself and your own achievements, it’s important to look at life not as if it’s a finite pie but as an infinite amount of opportunities with enough room for everyone to grow.

On the other side. The stories shared by six women discovering they were paid less than their male co-workers, what they felt and how they took action.

Boosting the mood of your team. Whether you crack a joke, say thank you or bring food, there are some guaranteed ways that can help with bonding, bringing ease into a situation and ultimately boosting your team’s morale.

The value of belonging at work. The social aspect plays an important role at work and more specifically the need for belonging. In the pursuit of finding meaning, people feel more and more isolated or disconnected at work, but the impact that inclusiveness can have is powerful when looking at the organizational commitment and engagement it can drive.

For team leaders and colleagues who want to help others feel included, our research suggests that serving as a fair-minded ally — someone who treats everyone equally — can offer protection to buffer the exclusionary behavior of others.

Bumble. The future is female marketing. Many businesses have had their internal practices & affairs “exposed” in the media in the last few months and year, from Away to WeWork, and there is more and more doubt in terms of whether it’s possible to execute a vision in a clean way. Bumble is now at the forefront with their female marketing agenda and the intent behind.

What I am cooking. This crispy chicken tender recipe is so easy to make – even I attempted to go for it – but also delicious and healthy and works both as a snack or side.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great week!



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