Weekly Reads – April 20th

This week has been rather uneventful. I am happy to have managed to squeeze in quite a few workouts – four to be more precise – and that gives me hopes that I can be an active person again. We use the Beat81 online classes – I used to attend the classes offline and I have to say the guys did a wonderful job in quickly adapting to these times and providing online classes + have come up with very good pricing for the online classes – and we also discovered the Nike Training Club community classes on Youtube – we did this live class with Kirsty Godso. Bottom line is, there are lots of classes and videos online – also for free – so just keep going and doing as little or as much as you can. 

We also had the loveliest walk on Saturday when I finally put together a proper casual outfit for wearing outside – a Zara midi skirt I bought with the winter sales this year, a simple H&M black sweater from a few seasons ago and the new Veja shoes I treated myself to on my birthday in January. 

Other than that, I hope everyone keeps staying positive, baking banana bread like it’s nobody’s business and stay as sane as you can!


Weekly Reads April 20a-min
The outfit I wore this weekend.


The Weekly Reads


Email hack to improve your relationship with your manager. If you are having a hard time communicating with your manager i.e. if your manager is a micromanager and has trust issues, you might want to give this weekly email hack idea a try. Proving your progress and over-communicating what you achieve on a weekly basis will help to remove any arguments they might bring to the table – plus, documenting all that progress on e-mail well, nobody can take it away from you and you can refer back to it when needed.

How to make your work stand out. As a remote employee – whether you’ve been doing it forever or you are just new to the WFH situation – you want to make sure your work speaks for itself. However, you have to also speak for your work. This means making sure people know you and not just know who you are but what you bring to the table – clear communication skills through highly organized and structured emails, reliability for delivering on your projects on time and with quality, or a helping hand that does not shy away to put in the work. There are different ways to make sure your work stands out when working remotely so just keep building your reputation.

Off to a good start. Job search advice for new grads or anyone else starting their career during the coronavirus pandemic. While these times are not easy when it comes to finding new jobs and opportunities, you don’t want to stagnate during these times but rater keep building relationships, upskilling, finding work, and moving forward in your career.

Tips & tricks. Here are some resume mistakes that you might be making and worth checking when you are not receiving a follow up from hiring managers, and also a quick but effective tip to upgrade your cover letter in just five minutes.

Work from home routines. I love getting a glimpse into the daily routines of successful women; the coronavirus and work-from-home make this even more interesting.

Breakfast ideas. I love my avocado toast for breakfast, but working from home gives you the time and space to make the most out of your breakfast – whether that means enjoying it while squeezing in some morning reading, or eating it at your desk while reviewing your calendar for the day or catching up on e-mail. So why not experiment and add some variety. Here are 15 breakfast ideas perfect during work from home time.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great week!



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