Weekly Reads – May 4th

Welcome to the first May Weekly Reads! I can’t believe that May is here already; it makes me think that we are almost halfway through the year whereas I barely felt the first four months going by. Oh, 2020, what a year to live in!

Nonetheless, we’ve had a lovely long weekend and I am quite excited that the next one is going to be a long one in Berlin again. Can’t get enough of the long weekends or the short work weeks, depending on how you want to see it! Since we’re talking about exciting news, I just ordered this beautiful dress from the Johanna Ortiz x H&M collection, that I was lusting over for the past few weeks and I’m so excited for it to arrive.

We keep holding up pretty well with the quarantine but keep reminiscing over past travels. So realizing we were supposed to be in Spain this past week for my mom’s birthday was a bit of a downside, I guess it will have to be for another time. So grateful for businesses open during these times, because we at least managed to order a cake and flowers to be delivered to her.

Weekly Reads May 4
If only I had somewhere to go.

The Weekly Reads

Transitioning from peer to manager. Lessons for the new managers out there. Until you go through it yourself, nothing can truly get you in the mindset for going from peer to manager. However, I am a big fan of preparation so if you are/about to be a new manager, reading one more article will never hurt.

Trends to watch. Ten emerging consumer trends that offer powerful early signals of what people will value and their priorities in a post-coronavirus world.

How to focus. Time management is good but attention management is the key to getting things done. I know I can use a few tips. Due to the nature of my work I’ve become a savage multitasker to the point where I cannot get things done if it’s not a hundred things at once.  Plus, with work from home, I feel like I pick up my phone a million times a day.

Angling your resume in the right way. It’s all a matter of perspective. There are a ton of resources out there and a lot of (conflicting) advice, so make sure you adjust your resume so that it speaks for itself.

Salary story.  I love getting inspired by other people’s (salary) stories. Love the advice that this salary story came with: “Don’t stay in a crappy job. Be loyal to yourself instead of to a company.”. Now that we are into the mood, here is another great salary story of a CRM Manager that doubled her salary in 4 years. Ok, another one + the best salary advice received: “Don’t be afraid to demand promotions earlier on in your career, and be prepared to walk. Don’t stay in an unfulfilling job just because you have a steady paycheck. If you don’t take risks to get what you deserve, you’re depriving yourself of a brighter future.”

The art of being good enough. A different article compared to what I usually share but I think it’s a beautiful one on how to become a quiet world changer.

Tech backgrounds. I feel like I featured the April backgrounds just a week ago and now it’s already time for the May ones – oh, how did the time fly! This one is definitely my favourite and I’ve already updated my laptop’s background.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are staying safe, healthy & sane!

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