Weekly Reads – July 6th

I took a little break from Instagram and the blog for the past few weeks –  probably it’s been almost a month. I don’t specifically follow U.S. news that closely on the regular, but the events from the past months have been shocking and heartbreaking to say the least. Rightfully, social media amplified them and I don’t think a single soul in the world remains that has not been shook by all of it.

However, social media did not feel right for me personally over the past few weeks and I have only recently returned to Instagram. Navigating posts that felt shallow – adding a hashtag to a selfie/outfit picture or posting a moving quote with an affiliate link or partnership – simply did not feel like the right content to consume – again, for me personally.

I think that posting a black square or a quote without doing the real work first – in our hearts, minds, homes and day to day lives – is senseless. Social media has a great power of amplifying the voices that already exist and speaking up against racism, but I only can hope that each of the posts and hashtags have been/are also being accompanied by real life action and do not remain just empty social media posts. Because in the end it is actions that we need for change and not just words or hastags.

With that said, I am back to regular programming, so scroll down to the Weekly Reads.

Red Dress-min
Wearing the beautiful red dress from the Johanna Ortiz x H&M collection.

The Weekly Reads

Career plans. We have reached mid year and most likely, for many of us, career plans feel like they are on pause. Maybe employers are fully pausing promotions and salary increases given the temporary salary cuts and reductions in hours in place at many companies. There are many different situations and no two look the same. Wherever you are, it might be worth to take a look at your career and where it is right now and plan ahead so you are not caught by surprise when things start picking up the pace.

What Covid-19 taught me about my spending habits. I took this crisis as an opportunity to slow down in terms of spending and take a hard look at my finances. The lockdown time allowed me to start building up my savings and fund & plan for my emergency fund as well as a splurge fund.  That’s why this article resonated so well with me.

Toxic culture. It’s been an interesting exercise to see how some of the most admired companies, have been the ones to emerge as the least ideal and the most toxic workplaces. We’ve seen it with Away, The Wing and now it’s the turn for Refinery29.

Dowloadable tech backgrounds. New month, new backgrounds from The Every Girl. I will be sticking to my may background for a few days more until I get enbough of it.

Healthy lunch ideas. I don’t know about you but since working from home, lunch times have converted into quick, rushed coffee breaks or early dinners for the most part. The discipline I lack in meal prepping I make it up in finding delicious looking meal inspo. These lunches look so healthy and fresh and perfect for the work week.

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and sane!

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