Weekly Reads – July 13th

I had a pretty good week with a pretty good workload. Finally! I have been doing a lot of pushing back and expectations mangement in the past few weeks when it comes to managing my clients and handling my own management so I don’t have to clean up the mess I am not responsible for, and now I am reaping the benefits. Nonetheless, it turns out change management – even in our daily work lives and interactions – ain’t easy and I had quite a bit of drilling to do. Lesson is, keep pushing & drilling until things bend your way – if it’s something reasonable, then that also helps.

On another note, I feel like my inspiration for the blog and the Instagram has been revitalized so I am quite excited for the rest of the summer. So, without further due enjoy this week’s selection of reads:


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The Weekly Reads


How to stay productive. Staying productive is an art and even more so during these times. I think productivity is rooted in a few simple principles and actions. From writing your to do’s to free up mental space (!) to having realistic estimates and expectations for what things take to complete, and all the way to limiting multitasking (!). I for one feel the “curse” of multitasking quite often and how it hinders my productivity; yet, it’s very hard to let go of it.

How to deal with “problematic” coworkers. It’s kind of inevitable and something you can’t really control, at almost any workplace you will have “problematic” coworkers. Whether thay are the negative type, overly competitive or just full on bully, there is a way to deal with them.

My job is making me sick but I feel too guilty to leave. This is not how a job should make you feel and I hope that if anyone is going through a similar situation, you will make the right decision for yourself and your health.

Toxic culture. Not that I love a toxic culture story but they keep popping up and I always think they are such an interesting read. I wasn’t too familiar with the Museum of Ice Cream nor its CEO Maryellis Bunn, but it turns out building an Instagram worthy brand takes lots of toxicity in the workplace.

Easy summer recipes. Sharing Half Baked Harvest‘s 30 Most Popular Easy Summer Recipes that are perfect for helping you get inspired you to cook, grill, and bake all summer long. They look so good, I almost started baking the zucchini chocolate chunk coconut bread … deep at night, while writing this post.

+ What I am reading. This week I finished reading Normal People by Sally Rooney. It was sort of a good book overall but not fully up my alley. I did not click with the characters much and probably that impacted my rating. I would rate it as “sort of an enjoyable read” as I truly enjoyed the reading experience that a novel always brings. Which by the way, I just realized I only read 2 books out of my goal of 12 books for the year so brb, will go buy some books.

+ What I am watching. We started watching Dark on Netflix this week and we are hooked. Our work colleagues kept raving about it so we finally jumped on it. Add to it that it’s a German series – watching it with subtitles makes me think of it as a German class as I deffinitely still need to up my German speaking skills – and it’s a perfect catch.


Thank you for reading!

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