Weekly Reads – August 31st

I made it! I have been lucky enough that my first week back at work after the holidays was not crazy and I actually had the time to catch up with the million emails I had, get back into the working mode and organize everything I needed. A first in my career so far and what a blessing it’s been!

While the weather did not help much with easing back into the Berlin life – we had pretty cold and rainy, autumn-like days – I did manage to squeeze in quite some reading. Finished reading “American Royals” in two days and started with “Circe”. So excited for all the books I have on my list next and I feel like I can still accomplish my 2020 reading goal because it’s never too late!

Weekly Reads Aug 31

The Weekly Reads

Unproductive habits. Among our work habits, it’s likely that some of them are rather contributing to us being unproductive. Some of them might be conscious and sometimes inevitable – hello multitasking! – while some are unconscious and harder to pinpoint. So, taking a look at your habits and identifying which ones could make you unproductive is a great first step in trying to correct them and getting back the extra time in your day.

Habit building. Since we are talking about habits, breaking old habits and building new ones is not an easy task. However, the one thing that I always remind myself of is the mindset of starting fresh every day and with every decision you make. If you made one bad decision, it does not mean you need to keep making poor decisions, rather take it as an opportunity to do better next time. Every moment you have the chance to do something better and it’s in your power to make that decision.

How to advance your career during Coronavirus. If you have some spare time, now it’s a great time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile so they reflect your latest experience and skills. And not only that but actually add up to it by signing up for courses and getting certifications and even expanding your network. This way you’ll be ahead of the curve when hiring picks up again.

Plant-based recipes to try. These recipes The Every Girl put together look mouth-watering. Worth bookmarking and keep coming back to them. If there is anything missing though, it’s cauliflower crust pizza, which you can top with endless veggies. I made cauliflower crust pizza quite a few times by now and I absolutely love it; plus, it’s surprisingly easy to make.

I feel like everyone’s taken up cycling. It’s certainly not you. I also got a bike recently, and if you think everyone’s taken up cycling, well you’re right. With COVID on sight, many people are not that excited about returning to crowded buses and trains and prefer to bike instead. Prior to the pandemic, I used to cycle quite often on rented bikes, but I love that I finally got my own bike (which is actually my first bike ever!). I am loving being able to explore the city by bike this year -we used to rent bikes previously, but having our own bikes is so much more comfortable and flexible.

+ Who I am following. I have been obsessed with finances ever since the start of the lockdown back in March and found some good Instagram accounts to follow and blogs on the topic. My favourite so far are:

  • Save Spend Splurge – Love both her blog and her Instagram account. She is a self-made millionaire at age 36 and I absolutely love her no-nonsense attitude. A pure gem. Unfortunately, her original Instagram account was (hopefully only) temporarily blocked, however she can now be found as @save.spend.splurge.
  • Wheredidallyourmoneygo – Another amazing working woman I came across on Instagram, focused on finances and budgeting.  Love her Instagram account

+ What I recently bought. I have a couple of exciting purchases I made in the past few months and I can’t wait to share the full reviews on the blog. The first one is my first luxury bag purchase – the Louis Vuitton NeoNoe bag in black embossed leather – and can’t wait to spill all the details of how I bought it and a full review on the blog. The second one is a smaller purchase, I made during the holidays in Spain – a Coach mini bag – but that stood out in the customer experience department with amazing service that needs a shout out.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great start into the new week!

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