Weekly Reads – September 14th

My work days are becoming busier and busier. I can see how all of my clients are back in the office now, eager to get the ball rolling. Which means a lot of work for me. While August was generally more quiet, September is coming in strong, with full days of back to back meetings, new clients and lots of work.

I came back from my summer holidays determined to build some good habits this fall. So far I am trying to squeeze in a walk every morning before starting work. Especially during the days when I don’t have early meetings, I can fully enjoy the flexibility of my work schedule and start my day with a good walk… and often also with a Starbucks coffee run. As I am working through my 2020 reading goal, I also try to squeeze in a bit of reading during the day, either morning or lunch break, when I sip on my post-lunch coffee. I wrote more about that in this Instagram post


Weekly Reads Sep 14 min
Loving this outfit combination. Jeans, trench coat, low block heels and my Coach mini bag. A fall dream.


The Weekly Reads

 How to sell yourself when you lack the work history. It’s not easy to find yourself fresh into the job market and especially when you don’t have the work experience; be it that you are simply a new graduate or switching industries. Not having the precise experience people would expect does not mean you are not a good and competent candidate, it only means that you need to learn how to highlight your skills and attributes.

Five surefire ways to get promoted. I am always happy to learn more tips about getting ahead at work. I am ambitious and learning is part of the journey, but I also love how more and more available this information is for everyone who needs it. The biggest career myth out there must be that you can just sit quietly, do a good job and that your work will speak for itself. Never heard a bigger lie. At the end of the day, securing promotions is a matter of office politics, whether you like it or not. So, if you learn this quickly and you know you want to move up, make sure you advocate for yourself and both you and your work are noticed. Self-promotion is not always easy, nor it feels authentic many times, but let me tell you – it’s essential. Have a read here if you want to read some of my tips on how to get ahead at work and also how to advocate for your work while staying true to yourself.

Work from home routine. Working from home is not such a novelty anymore. We’ve all been doing it for months now, and we’ve read countless pieces of advice, especially at the start of the lockdown. It’s been a while since I’ve read any tips but these reminded me of the importance of a morning routine and I am so happy I am managing to squeeze in some good habits into mine, such as the above mentioned morning walks when possible or early reading.

Comfort food for when it gets crisp and cold. I won’t lie, I absolutely love autumn and even the crips air it brings – at least as long as the temperature is bearable and not too cold. Naturally, I also love the idea of hot drinks and warm meals when I am home. As usual, The Every Girl does not disappoint with these comfort food recipes for fall


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great start into the week!


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