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I just finished reading “The Boys Club” by Erica Katz and it left me a bit shook. I was super excited to read the book, expecting a „Devil Wears Prada“ meets „Suits“ kind of fun and entertaining story, but it took a bit of a turn in terms of the impression it left on me. Allow me to explain it:


Boys Club


The first hundred something pages had me longing for better writing. More depth and less cliché. Of course, the storyline was bound to having some cliché moments – at the end of the day, it is the story of a young, aspiring graduate, joining the best law firm in Manhattan and making her way into a Boys‘ Club – nonetheless, it was still a very appealing storyline to me so I kept reading. I was just waiting for something more to happen!⁣

The book grew on me more and more as Alex (the main character) strives to make her way into the competitive world of Biglaw, works around the clock and quickly gets seduced by the firm‘s money and energy. Despite the crazy work hours, she feels confident, powerful and loves navigating this new world she just discovered – juicy bonuses, weekend trips, expensed meals, evenings out with clients or riding in a client‘s private jet.

I did not expect the plot twist towards the end. Workplace affairs, sexual harassment, gender discrimination and sexism quickly became the main topic. I took it as a bit of a shock because I did not expect it – thought it would just be a fun read – but it also served as a good – but sad – reminder of what the corporate world often looks like, especially in this type of high achieving environments.

I think what the book does very well and what I definitely appreciate about it is that it makes you think about all these issues and how in some cases they are very widespread. I was lucky enough in my career so far not to have had such experiences but this does not mean it does not happen. And the point is that it should not, so it’s a good reminder to keep an eye on the women around, be solidary and speak up when needed for both yourself and those around you.

My rating would be 3.5/5 stars. Overall, it was an entertaining read and touched on important topics. It is a debut novel but I did feel it lacking a little on the writing part⁣. I love to fall in love with fully painted characters, and I felt like it was lacking there a bit. A good read nonetheless.

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣The good news is that I read the book rather quickly, so I managed to read three books since coming back from holidays, just three weeks ago. One book closer to my 2020 goal and I am so excited about it.

Have you read “The Boys Club” or are planning to? Let me know in the comments below.

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