Weekly Reads – September 28th

Last week was pretty busy in terms of work with a few late nights included, and I am again reminded of how important is to prioritize yourself and your health again and again. Despite the busyness, I am happy that I stayed pretty consistent with morning/evening walks as well as working out, and I can only wish that I keep staying on track as the workload demands the better part of me more and more.

Also, worth to say that the weather completely changed towards the end of the week and it’s full on fall, almost winter. Can’t complain that much about it as it was the perfect excuse for a weekend full of cafe hopping – my favourite weekend activity.

The last but not least important feat of this past week was the work done on my wordrope. Inspired by Conscious by Komal’s fall capsule wardrobe, I did a tiny bit of a wardrobe edit for the cold season ahead that ended in a small decluttering and parting ways with a few old pieces. That felt so good (!) but I can’t even begin to fathom the courage I need to gather to do a full on decluttering. Well, a tiny step at a time, I guess.


Weekly Reads Sep 28jpg
Fall is in full swing!


The Weekly Reads


Turtleneck looks inspired by iconic women. From Audrey Hepburn to Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle. I definitely see turtlenecks as a power piece (especially in black) and I love using them for assembling fall/winter outfits; the one I usually rely on is a simple, black one from Uniqlo.

A woman of substance. Or the meaning behind U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s lace collars – a signature and a symbol, with all sorts of meanings woven into each choice that helped her unapologetically feminize what was a traditionally male uniform.

But there’s almost nothing as classically “girlie” as lace, that fragile, ethereal fabric associated largely with decoration. By wearing it, and wearing it consistently, Justice Ginsburg — famously tiny, famously tough — was daring the world to revise that judgment. Why could a woman not be both feminine and substantive?

Co-worker horror situations. I have been quite lucky with my co-workers in the past – those I liked I got along and hung out with, those I did not I kept at bay – but it’s always interesting/scary to read all the stories of – dare I say – crazy co-workers out there.

Recipes for fall. You might have heard me talk about how much I love zoodles – they are healthy and so tasty. Well, if you are in form zome more zuccchini goodness, The Every Girl has the best recipes with zucchini for this fall.

+ What I am eyeeing. I came across this beautiful tweed jacket at Mango and I am seriously considering it (did I say anything about decluttering above?). I love both the black version and the beige/black houndstooth one.

+ What I am watching. I am super exicted to watch Enola Holmes on Netflix. It was planned for this weekend but we still did not finish rewatching all the Harry Potter movies for the millionth time, so hoping for a nice movie night this week.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great start into the work week!


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